A guy in Ventura County is accused of killing his mother and hitting his father with a hammer

On the night of November 19, 2023, a distressing and violent incident unfolded in Thousand Oaks, California, involving a young man named Scott Goldberg and his parents. Scott, 21 years old, resided with his parents in the 200 block of Mayfield Court. That evening, a scenario of unimaginable horror took place in their family home.

Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office were called to the scene around 10:52 p.m. following a report of a possible assault. Upon arrival, they discovered two victims in a critical state. Alison Marshall, 63, Scott’s mother, was found with severe, life-threatening injuries, including multiple skull fractures and a brain injury. She was immediately rushed to Los Robles Regional Medical Center. Tragically, her condition worsened, and she succumbed to her injuries on December 1, while under hospice care.

In a turn of harrowing events, Scott’s father, aged 64, also became a victim of the assault. He was found at the scene with injuries and taken to a local hospital for treatment. The reports suggest that upon hearing his wife’s screams, he had attempted to intervene, only to be attacked by Scott as well​​​​​​.

Scott Goldberg was promptly identified as the primary suspect and taken into custody at the scene. Initially, he faced charges of assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. However, following the death of his mother, these charges were escalated to include murder. His bond was set at $510,000.

In the aftermath, Goldberg pleaded not guilty to the murder charge, as well as the charge of assault with a deadly weapon in the alleged attack on his father. He also denied the special allegations of personally using a deadly weapon and inflicting great bodily injury. These allegations, if proven, can significantly impact sentencing. The case is scheduled for a disposition conference, and Goldberg remains in custody without bail​​​​.

This incident has undoubtedly cast a shadow over the community, raising questions about domestic violence and mental health. The legal proceedings will be closely watched, as they not only seek justice for the victims but also address the broader issues of family dynamics and safety within households.

In closing, the case of Scott Goldberg serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and potential dangers lurking within familial relationships. It underscores the importance of timely intervention and support for individuals and families in distress, potentially averting such tragic outcomes.

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