7 Most Stupid Laws in Washington State That You Won’t Believe

Like many other places, Washington State has a lot of laws and rules that might seem strange to someone who hasn’t lived there. More often than not, these strange rules were passed by lawmakers a long time ago, and they probably didn’t mean to make them.

The same is true for charges of harm. You need the right legal help if someone tries to use an old or strange rule to get out of paying for your losses. Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, Washington, to find out what your choices are and get the legal help you need. Not what you expect, strange rules could change your case.

For instance, because of old laws about brothels, some states actually have rules that don’t allow female sororities. Also, other states may allow same-sex marriage despite a Supreme Court ruling, but they may still have laws against sexual relations between people of the same sex.

Washington State has some strange rules, like ones that say you can’t spit on buses or eat lollipops. It’s possible that these strange rules won’t come up in many legal cases, but you never know when they might in a civil or injury case.

The Most Stupid Laws of Washington State

No Harassing Bigfoot

It’s possible that this is Washington State’s most famously strange law. In Washington State’s beautiful Skamania County, there is an odd rule in place to protect the mythical creature called Bigfoot or Sasquatch, which people think lives in the Pacific Northwest.

The law makes it clear that you can’t hunt, kill, or bother Bigfoot or any other species that hasn’t been found yet. Even though the time seems random, breaking the law has serious consequences for those who do so.

People who are found guilty of killing or bothering Bigfoot without a good reason could get a big fine of up to $100,000 and up to 10 years in jail. These steps were taken by the county to protect the mysterious creature from harm and keep it alive. This law might seem strange, but it shows how interested the state is in the mysterious cryptid.

Don’t Sleeping in Another Person’s Outhouse

It makes sense to have rules about how far away outhouses should be from places where people sleep, but in Washington, it is illegal to sleep in someone else’s outhouse without their permission. Before you sleep or take a nap in someone else’s outhouse on their property, you need to get their permission.

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No Whaling on Sunday

An old rule from the 1800s says that in Washington State, it is illegal to hunt or kill whales on Sunday of each week. Today, whale hunting is not very popular, but this law reminds us of the state’s maritime history and traditions.

No Lollipops in Cars

In Washington State, you can’t drive with a lollipop in your mouth. The idea behind this law might have something to do with how having something in your mouth while driving could be distracting.

Don’t Buying Meat on Sundays

This law came about because old lawmakers wanted to stop businesses from opening on Sundays. One thing that shops aren’t allowed to sell on this day of rest is meat, but you can find it for sale at every grocery store in the state on Sunday.

No More than Two Flushing Toilets

About 104 people live on Waldron Island, a small island town in San Juan County that is not incorporated. Because there are more people living in the area, they have to share important supplies like water. The community authority passed a law that says people can’t have more than two running toilets in their homes to fix the problem.

Illegal to Breastfeed in Public

In 2001, this rule was taken away. A new law says that breastfeeding is not lewd exposure. Another law from 2009 gives mothers more rights by saying that businesses can’t ask women to cover up or go to the bathroom.

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