4 masked individuals steal an ATM from a smoking shop in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York, witnessed an audacious string of ATM heists that spanned several months, culminating in a dramatic conclusion with multiple arrests and significant charges. This criminal saga, which targeted numerous stores across Brooklyn and other parts of New York City, showcases a calculated and brazen approach to theft.

The Heist Operation and Its Scope

Between June 2022 and January 2023, a group of robbers orchestrated a series of burglaries targeting ATMs across 19 stores in New York City. This prolonged criminal spree involved the use of bolt cutters to break into stores and forcibly remove ATM machines.

The perpetrators then transported these machines using getaway drivers. The operation was sophisticated, involving the use of police scanners and lookouts to evade detection [80][81].

The Scale of Theft and Arrests

The crimes resulted in the theft of at least $86,000, as per the investigators’ reports. The scheme reached its climax with a high-speed chase that led to a crash and the arrest of four individuals at LaGuardia Airport. This incident was a significant breakthrough in the case, leading to further unraveling of the criminal ring [80].

Indictment and Charges

Six men, five of whom are Brooklyn natives, were charged in connection with these heists. They face various charges, including robbery, grand larceny, and conspiracy, in a 92-count indictment.

Notably, Alex Torres, aged 50, faces the majority of these charges, with 80 crimes related to 17 different incidents attributed to him. Torres and three other men were arraigned in Brooklyn, marking a significant development in the legal proceedings against the accused [80].

Persistence Despite Arrests

Despite the arrest of a key member in October 2022 for possession of an ATM and a police scanner, the group persisted in their criminal activities. They went on to burglarize a bodega in Queens, demonstrating the relentless nature of their operation [82].

Impact on Public Safety and Legal Response

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell emphasized the significance of these charges, stating that they mark the end of a multi-borough burglary and theft spree that jeopardized public safety in New York City. The indictment is seen as a crucial step in holding the perpetrators accountable for their numerous crimes, reflecting the authorities’ commitment to upholding law and order and ensuring public safety [83].

The ATM heist spree in Brooklyn is a stark reminder of the challenges law enforcement faces in dealing with organized and persistent criminal activities.

The successful arrests and charges brought against the perpetrators are a testament to the diligent efforts of the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies in combating such sophisticated criminal operations. This case also underscores the importance of public vigilance and cooperation in reporting suspicious activities to help prevent and solve crimes.

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