White House Expresses Frustration with Media’s Emphasis on Polls, Overlooking Successes of ‘Bidenomics’: Report

The media’s portrayal of the surveys, which cast the Biden administration in a poor light while disregarding its economic gains, has left the White House “deeply frustrated.”

According to reports in The Hill, “Someone in the Biden orbit also told The Hill part of the frustration is the disproportionate media focus on the polls that show Biden losing while ignoring polls that show him winning.”

Even though Trump predicted that the Biden administration would bring about the collapse of the economy, inflation is declining, the stock market is rising, and unemployment is almost at “historic lows.” In addition, prices seem to be slowing down after the outbreak.

However, according to The Hill, economic advancement isn’t receiving enough attention to affect polling outcomes. The Hill was informed by a Biden representative that the absence of coverage is a “deep frustration.”

White House Expresses Frustration with Media's Emphasis on Polls, Overlooking Successes of 'Bidenomics' Report (1)

“One Biden ally said meetings have taken place because of ‘deep frustration’ over polls but that it did not reflect a panic over the president’s prospects,” according to The Hill.

“The meetings are intended to discuss messaging on his age and his accomplishments,” a Biden administration source told The Hill. His inner circle has expressed worry that the messaging hasn’t been persuasive or consistent enough to connect with the general population.” But with the election still months away, the Biden administration is writing off polls as useless.

According to a new Gallup poll, Biden’s job approval rating is currently at 39%, a little improvement above its reported 37% rating from October and November. Throughout his presidency, his approval rating has fallen below 40% five times.

According to Gallup, Biden has performed the worst of all current presidents running for reelection at this stage in their terms.

White House Expresses Frustration with Media's Emphasis on Polls, Overlooking Successes of 'Bidenomics' Report (2)

According to a fresh media source, Biden and their first wife Jill Biden are becoming increasingly irritated with his poor support rating, and he is venting to close advisers.

“He complained that his economic message had done little to move the ball, even as the economy was growing and unemployment was falling, according to people familiar with his comments, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation,” according to the Post, whose headline mentioned Biden’s “dismal poll numbers.”

A request for comment was not immediately answered by the Biden administration.

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