These Californian Stores Will Be Closing in 2024

As of 2024, several major retailers in California are set to close stores, reflecting the ongoing challenges in the retail sector. These closures are a result of various factors, primarily influenced by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and changing consumer habits.

Here’s a summary of the key retailers affected:

  1. Rite Aid: The company plans to close more than 60 stores in California due to bankruptcy, as part of its restructuring following a lawsuit and financial struggles.
  2. Party City: Facing bankruptcy, Party City will close about 40 stores nationwide, including four in California.
  3. Jenny Craig: The weight loss and management business will shut down in May due to funding issues.
  4. Buy Buy Baby: As part of its bankrupt parent company’s liquidation, Buy Buy Baby will close all its stores in California and across the U.S.
  5. CVS: The pharmacy chain announced plans to shutter over 900 locations in a three-year period as part of a new retail strategy.
  6. Z Gallerie: After its parent company filed for bankruptcy, Z Gallerie is holding store-closing sales in California.
  7. Tuesday Morning: The discount home goods retailer is closing 31 of its 37 California stores following its bankruptcy filing.

The reasons behind these closures vary but include financial hardships from the pandemic, shifts in consumer preferences towards online shopping, legal challenges, and overall economic downturns.

California’s recovery from the pandemic has been slower compared to other states, partly due to prolonged lockdowns which pushed consumers more towards online shopping. Retail vacancies have increased during this period.

Governor Newsom has been actively responding to these challenges. He signed bills to repurpose closed retail areas into housing and allocated funds to curb organized retail theft across California.

These closures reflect broader trends in the retail industry, where traditional brick-and-mortar stores face increasing pressure from online retailers like Amazon and changing consumer behaviors.

While these closures provide a snapshot of the current retail landscape in California, the full impact and future implications are still unfolding.

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