US Navy Helicopter Crew Emerges Unscathed After Ocean Crash Near California

In a dramatic turn of events during a routine training exercise, a U.S. Navy MH-60R Seahawk helicopter crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Southern California. The incident occurred Thursday night around 6:30 p.m., and remarkably, all six crewmembers on board survived the crash.

Cmdr. Beth Teach of the Naval Air Force Pacific Fleet provided details about the crash, indicating that the MH-60R Seahawk went down in the waters of San Diego Bay. A safety boat was promptly on location due to the nature of the training, facilitating the swift rescue of the crewmembers. Following the crash, the individuals were taken ashore for medical evaluations, with no immediate reports of critical or life-threatening injuries.

The crash site was identified in Coronado, situated across an inlet from San Diego. The local Fire Department and the U.S. Coast Guard promptly responded to the scene, launching an investigation into the cause of the incident.

The aircraft involved in the crash belonged to Helicopter Maritime Strike squadron 41, a fleet replacement squadron based at Naval Air Station North Island on the Coronado peninsula. This particular squadron specializes in training air crews on the MH-60R Seahawk, a versatile helicopter known for its primary role in anti-submarine warfare. According to the squadron’s website, it plays a crucial role in preparing and educating personnel on the operation of the MH-60R Seahawk.

The MH-60R Seahawk, a stalwart in the U.S. Navy’s fleet, is renowned for its anti-submarine warfare capabilities. However, its versatility extends to various missions, including reconnaissance and search-and-rescue operations, as highlighted on the Navy’s official website.

The incident underscores the inherent risks associated with military training exercises, even for highly trained and skilled crewmembers. Despite the intensity of the crash into the Pacific Ocean, the fact that all six individuals on board survived is a testament to the effectiveness of the safety measures in place and the rapid response of emergency services.

As investigations into the crash are underway, the U.S. Navy will likely assess the circumstances that led to the MH-60R Seahawk going down and implement any necessary changes to enhance safety protocols. The resilience of the crew and the successful rescue operation stand as a testament to the training and preparedness of the U.S. Navy in handling unforeseen challenges during military exercises.

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