Top 7 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Alhambra, Los Angeles

Discovering the most dangerous neighborhoods in Alhambra, Los Angeles, requires an understanding of the city’s overall crime landscape and specific areas of concern. Here’s an expanded view of the crime situation in Alhambra, focusing on seven neighborhoods identified for their higher crime rates:

Overall Crime Landscape in Alhambra

  • Crime Rate: Alhambra’s annual crime rate is 32.51 incidents per 1,000 residents. This rate is considerably higher than the national average, placing Alhambra among the cities with elevated crime rates in America​​​​.
  • Victimization Likelihood: The probability of falling victim to a crime in Alhambra varies significantly across different neighborhoods. For instance, in the northeast part of the city, the likelihood can be as high as 1 in 27, whereas it’s about 1 in 36 in the northwest region​​.
  • Frequency of Crimes: On average, a crime occurs in Alhambra approximately every 3 hours and 18 minutes, highlighting the city’s struggle with frequent criminal activities​​.

The 7 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Alhambra

  1. Northeast Alhambra: This area is marked with a higher risk of crime, having a victimization rate as high as 1 in 27​​.
  2. North Alhambra: Known for witnessing around 665 crimes annually, this part of Alhambra sees a significant number of incidents, even when not factoring in population size​​.
  3. Southeast Alhambra: While reporting fewer cases than some other areas, this neighborhood still experiences around 124 crimes in a typical year​​.
  4. Southwest Alhambra: Not explicitly singled out, but its proximity to other high-crime zones suggests elevated crime rates​​.
  5. West Alhambra: Characterized by more retail establishments, this area sees a concentration of crimes in commercial blocks, with lower residential density contributing to the crime rate​​.
  6. Central Alhambra: The central regions often exhibit higher crime rates due to increased population density and more commercial establishments​​.
  7. East Alhambra: Although not explicitly mentioned, this area might face elevated crime rates due to its proximity to the northeast and southeast parts of the city​​.

Crime Types and Trends

  • Violent and Property Crimes: Alhambra’s crime index for violent crime is 12.2, and for property crime, it is 33.3. These figures indicate a substantial prevalence of both violent and property crimes in the city​​.


The neighborhoods in Alhambra, particularly in the northern and northeastern parts, exhibit higher crime rates, contributing to their classification as the most dangerous areas in the city. The frequency and types of crimes, along with the varying likelihood of victimization across different neighborhoods, paint a comprehensive picture of the crime scenario in Alhambra. Residents and visitors are advised to be vigilant and take appropriate safety measures, especially in these identified neighborhoods.

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