This Rockland County Has Been Named the Safest to Live

A diverse range of neighborhoods and villages providing safety, peace, and an excellent standard of living can be found in Rockland County, which is located in the picturesque Hudson Valley area of New York. Safe and secure, Rockland County is well-known for its gorgeous scenery and close proximity to New York City.

Top 5 Safest to Live in Rockland County

These are this county’s top five locations that are often ranked among the safest to live in:

1. Orangetown

One of the safest locations in Rockland County is Orangetown, which is tucked away along the Hudson River. Suburban peace and lively cultural scenes coexist in the town, which is home to picturesque villages like Nyack and Piermont. A strong feeling of community, top-notch schools, and low crime rates are advantages for the locals.

2. Clarkstown

This Rockland County Has Been Named the Safest to Live (1)

The most populated town in Rockland County, Clarkstown offers a wide variety of neighborhoods, all of which are renowned for their safety and neighborliness. Families and single people will find communities like New City and Nanuet to be perfect, as they provide access to many parks, highly regarded schools, and low crime rates.

3. Ramapo

This area, well-known for its serene communities and scenic splendor, combines the best aspects of suburban and rural life. Suffern and Monsey are examples of communities that balance a close-knit community feel with a sense of security, excellent schools, and a wealth of recreational opportunities for residents.

4. Ramapo

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The peaceful and safe village of Airmont, located in Ramapo, is well-known. With access to parks, top-notch schools, and a low crime rate, residents enjoy the advantages of suburban living. Families looking for a warm, safe neighborhood are drawn to the village’s serene atmosphere.

5. Stony Point

Compared to neighboring Rockland County communities, Stony Point has a more rural feel and is located near the Hudson River. In addition to having excellent schools, a strong sense of community, and scenic surroundings, this location is well-known for its small-town charm and natural beauty.

It is acknowledged that Rockland County as a whole is dedicated to public safety and welfare. The area’s reputation as a safe place to live is upheld by involvement from citizens, local law enforcement, and community initiatives.


Safety is typically the first consideration for many people and families when choosing a location to reside. When it comes to safety, conveniences, and community involvement, the communities in Rockland County never fail to impress and are among the most sought-after areas in the area to live. Rockland County’s many towns and villages offer secure and hospitable conditions for residents to thrive, whether they are looking for suburban comfort, rural peace, or a combination of both.

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