This City is the Most Ugliest City to Live in Nevada

This is likely the first city that most people think of when they hear the word “Nevada.” People sometimes call Las Vegas “Sin City,” and Reno isn’t that far behind. But Nevada has a lot more towns than that, so don’t feel overwhelmed or limited if you want to visit.

When moving, there are a lot of things to think about if you live alone or have kids. This is especially true in states like Nevada where cities have a bad image. You will not have a hard time finding something there that is both safe and beautiful if a beautiful view is important to you. Where, though?

It might not look like the Silver State has many choices, but trust us when we say that there are many great places to live with above-average safety scores. That being said, if you want to move to Nevada or are already looking for the best place for you and your family, you should stay away from the dangerous, expensive, and negatively influenced areas.

The Most Ugliest City in Nevada

North Las Vegas

The last place on the list is North Las Vegas, which has been named the Worst Place to Live in Nevada. To be exact, North Las Vegas is its own city and is located in Las Vegas Valley. It has problems with crime, prostitutes, drug abuse, and being poor. It’s pricey, the public schools aren’t very good, and it has a low safety grade (4).

Any job, place to stay, or even drugs and worse can be found, just like its bigger sister. North Las Vegas has a crime rate that is 20% higher than the rest of the city. This makes it, to put it mildly, dangerous, dirty, and scary. We don’t need to grow…North Las Vegas has a lot to say, and it spoke its way to the top of the list.

Las Vegas

You thought this would be number one, right? Don’t be in such a hurry, because it almost made it. People don’t call it “The City that Never Sleeps” because it moves slowly.

You wouldn’t want any of those amenities, but it has every single one you could think of. There is a lot of variety, and you can find anything you need. But it costs a lot to live there, and the habits you can form will hurt you.

There is a huge 34.07% more crime than the national rate, which is reason enough to only visit for a short time. Las Vegas is like a gem in the middle of a desert, but not everything that shines is gold.

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West Wendover

West Wendover is also in Elko County, but it is best known for being a train town that served many different railroad companies in the past. It’s just big enough to offer chances and small enough to keep crime away, with 4,410 people living there…or does it?

Unfortunately, education gets only three out of ten points, which is enough to put it at number three (which seems right, right?). Housing, comforts, and amenities are also very low. Even worse, right?

We’re still not done. There are 8% more crimes in West Wendover than in the rest of the state. This is like adding a bad cherry to an already sour drink. This town might be great for older people, but it fits right in for all of these other reasons as well.

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