This Alabama City Just Named One of the Favorite Small Towns in State

‘Jasper Main Street’ has been putting money and resources into developing and growing the downtown area for the past ten years, and people are starting to notice. Around the world, 12 people chose Jasper as their favorite small town in Alabama.

In 2015, Jasper was named a Main Street Alabama Community. There are now many more shops, bars, and a brewery in the downtown area than there were back then.

CEO of Jasper Main Street, Mike Putman, said that since the organisation began, the downtown area has gone from having about 75% empty shops to having only 5%.

Almost 50 companies have opened or moved to downtown, and almost $2 million has been spent on making the area look better. Putman said that the goal of all of these activities is to make downtown a great place for business.

He said, “It’s about business.” “Yes, it’s events that help people live better lives.” Beer, food, and music are all things that people love. But stores and bars are making a lot of money that weekend. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

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Putman said that adding more homes to downtown is the next step in the rebuilding process. He said that plans are being made to make lofts available for rent so that the area can continue to grow and do business.

The Foothills Festival is another great thing for the city. The fair just ended, and about 40,000 people came to Jasper for the two-day event, which broke the previous record. This year’s Oktoberfest will be the next big event in Downtown Jasper. It will take place on October 7th.

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