This City Has Been Named the Most Cheapest City to Live in St. Louis

St. Louis, known for its affordable housing, diversified neighborhoods, and rich cultural legacy, provides a wealth of choices for anyone looking for affordable housing. Certain neighborhoods have long been known for their affordability and decent cost of living inside the city, even though exact rankings may change over time:

1. Dutchtown

Known for its diversity and affordability, Dutchtown is a South St. Louis neighborhood. Families and young professionals on a tight budget are drawn to this neighborhood because of the variety of housing options available, such as apartments and single-family homes.

2. Tower Grove South

Known for its affordability, Tower Grove South is a neighborhood that is close to the well-liked Tower Grove Park. This neighborhood is a good alternative for anyone looking for reasonably priced yet quaint homes because it provides a variety of housing options, such as historic homes and apartments.

3. The Hill Boast

This City Has Been Named the Most Cheapest City to Live in St. Louis (1)

Despite having historically more affluent neighborhoods, The Hill boasts pockets of inexpensive homes and is well-known for its Italian heritage and excellent dining alternatives. Families or individuals searching for affordably priced houses in a neighborhood with a strong feeling of community are frequently drawn to this neighborhood.

4. Bevo Mill

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Located in South St. Louis, Bevo Mill provides reasonably priced homes, especially for tenants. This neighborhood offers a convenient combination of affordability and accessibility, thanks to its varied population and proximity to parks and restaurants.

5. Benton Park

Another place to locate reasonably priced housing is Benton Park, which is well-known for its historic architecture and sense of community. For travelers looking for affordable lodging, the neighborhood has a variety of housing options, including remodeled homes and flats.

Five Things You Must Have to Survive in St. Louis

A new city necessitates careful planning and preparation before moving. It can be simpler to acclimate to living in St. Louis, Missouri, whether you’re moving for employment, school, or a fresh start if you have all you need to create a comfortable life in this energetic city. These five essential items are what you’ll need:

1. Housing

Having a place to live is essential. St. Louis has a wide range of housing possibilities, from contemporary flats in vibrant downtown areas to historic homes in quaint regions. Both buyers and renters can find many options to fit their needs and budgets.

A suitable place to live can be found by investigating communities, taking into account the neighborhood’s closeness to employment or schools, and being aware of the local real estate market.

2. Transportation

Reliable transportation is often necessary to navigate St. Louis effectively. Even though the city offers a bus and Metrolink light rail system for public transportation, having a car can give you more mobility options.

This City Has Been Named the Most Cheapest City to Live in St. Louis (2)

Make sure your driver’s license is up to date, and think about the most practical way to get around depending on your daily schedule and way of life.

3. Healthcare Accessibility

A comfortable lifestyle depends on having access to high-quality healthcare services. Reputable clinics, medical facilities, and hospitals serving a range of healthcare requirements can be found in St. Louis.

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To make sure you’re ready for any unexpected medical expenses, it’s a good idea to research your healthcare alternatives, locate nearby healthcare providers, and think about getting health insurance.

4. Employment Opportunities

Financial security depends on having a job or being employed. A wide range of jobs are available in St. Louis in sectors like manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and education. To get a job in the city, look for openings in your field and build relationships with other professionals in the area.

5. Community Involvement and Lifestyle

Living and working in St. Louis is not the only thing that makes you feel at home. A fulfilling lifestyle is greatly enhanced by being involved in the community, attending events, seeing the city’s cultural attractions, and learning about its thriving culinary scene. St. Louis offers a variety of events for both people and families, including festivals, museums, parks, and entertainment venues.


While some districts in St. Louis may be more inexpensive than others, it’s important to take into account personal tastes and needs when making a housing decision. The city offers a variety of neighborhoods to suit a range of budgets. When contemplating a transfer to a more affordable part of the city, one should also consider other factors including neighborhood vibes, safety, transit, and accessibility to amenities.

Please be aware that a variety of factors, such as changes in the market and trends in construction, may cause the affordability and cost of living in particular neighborhoods to fluctuate over time. More recent data on reasonably priced homes in St. Louis can be found by investigating local economic conditions, housing trends, and rental pricing.

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