This is the Dangerous Place Near Northwest of Indianapolis to Live

To say that the area between downtown and West 38th is “dangerous” would be an understatement. That area includes MLK/Michigan and the side streets that branch off in both directions. I wouldn’t even want to wait for the bus during the day or go outside at night in the area south of the IMA (now called Newfields), Butler, the International School, and Crown Hill Cemetery. There’s a reason why insurance rates in the 46208 zip code are some of the highest in the country.

Some sketchy parts can be found farther north, north of West 38th and south of West 86th. But, the area is still pretty safe as a whole, as long as you stay away from the Lafayette Square Mall area.

In Indianapolis, some of the most dangerous places to live are on the near northwest side. The police department in Indianapolis says that the area near the northwest corner of the city has the most crime.

A lot of violent crimes happen in the area, like killings, rapes, and thefts. There is also a lot of property crime in the area, like thefts and break-ins.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has worked to make the near northwest side less dangerous. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has also set up a task group to deal with the high crime rate on the northwest side. If you want to live in a safe and quiet area of Indianapolis, the near northwest side is not the best choice.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Indiana

In and around Indianapolis, there are a number of safe places. Here are some of the most well-known safe areas.


Zionsville is an Indianapolis neighborhood that is northwest of the city. The central area of Zionsville looks like a cute village and is full of shops and restaurants. The town also has a cozy feel.

Zionsville has grown in size, and now there are more than 33,000 people living there. People who live in Zionsville like how safe and secure it is there.


Meridian-Kessler is a neighborhood four miles north of the center of Indianapolis. It’s been around since the 1890s. These days, it’s seen as an upper-middle-class neighborhood and a great place to live in Indianapolis. Meridian-Kessler is a popular place for children to live because it has very little crime.

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Fishers is a popular Indianapolis suburb that is home to more than 100,000 people. Fishers is a great place to live, and tourists love coming because there are always fun things to do and attractions to see.

People think it’s safe to live in Fishers because it’s safer than 63% of U.S. towns. Crimes against property happen more often than crimes against people. Less than one serious crime happens for every 1,000 people who live there.

The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Indiana

These are some of the most well-known parts of Indianapolis that are dangerous.


Bos is an area close to the center of Indianapolis. Most of the people who live in the area rent their homes instead of buying them. When there are more renters, there is more turnover, which can lead to higher crime rates.


Downtown is close to Midtown, which is just northwest of Indianapolis. There are also more crimes in this area than in other parts of Indianapolis. A lot of people move in and out of Midtown, which may be one of the main reasons why crime is so common.


Westside is on the west side of Indianapolis, as the name suggests. This is a bigger area in Indianapolis; it covers seven square miles. Thieves are always a worry in this area, which is known as one of the most dangerous.

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