The 10 Worst Plano Suburbs For 2023

Plano, Texas, a notable city within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, has its share of suburbs that vary in livability based on several factors. In 2023, some suburbs have been identified as less favorable than others, due to criteria like cost of living, crime rates, traffic congestion, and school quality. This article explores the top 10 worst suburbs around Plano for this year.

Exploring the top 10 worst suburbs around Plano for 2023, we find a range of factors influencing their rankings. Each suburb presents unique challenges based on various criteria such as cost of living, crime rates, traffic congestion, and school quality.

  1. Murphy: North of Plano, Murphy struggles with a high median home price of over $600,000 and a crime rate that surpasses the Plano average. Its schools also fall behind in rankings compared to other Plano suburbs​​.
  2. Wylie: Another northern suburb, Wylie faces similar issues with a median home price exceeding $500,000 and a higher-than-average crime rate. Its schools do not receive high ratings like some other Plano suburbs​​.
  3. Sachse: To the east of Plano, Sachse has a median home price over $400,000 and contends with a crime rate higher than Plano’s average. The schools in Sachse are not as highly rated as in some other suburbs​​.
  4. Garland: A larger suburb to the east, Garland features a median home price over $300,000 and also deals with a higher crime rate. Its schools don’t attain high ratings compared to other suburbs​​.
  5. Richardson: North of Plano, Richardson has a median home price exceeding $400,000 and a higher crime rate. The quality of its schools doesn’t match up to some other Plano suburbs​​.
  6. Allen: This northern suburb has a median home price over $500,000 and experiences a higher crime rate than Plano. Allen’s schools also do not receive high ratings​​.
  7. Frisco: Frisco, to the north, features one of the highest median home prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, exceeding $600,000. It also contends with a high crime rate and schools that don’t receive high ratings​​.
  8. McKinney: McKinney, another northern suburb, has a median home price over $500,000 and faces a higher crime rate than Plano. Its schools also don’t achieve high ratings​​.
  9. Prosper: A small suburb to the north, Prosper boasts a high median home price exceeding $700,000 and contends with a high crime rate. Like other suburbs on this list, its schools don’t attain high ratings​​.
  10. Celina: To the north, Celina has a median home price over $600,000 and a higher crime rate than Plano. Its schools also do not receive the same high ratings as some other suburbs​​.

In summary, the primary factors contributing to the rankings of these suburbs as the worst around Plano in 2023 are their high cost of living, particularly in terms of housing prices, higher crime rates compared to the Plano average, and the quality of education as reflected in the lower ratings of their schools.

Key Factors Affecting the Suburbs

  • Cost of Living: Plano’s cost of living index is 111.7, which is 11.7% higher than the U.S. average and 18.6% higher than the Texas average. Housing costs significantly contribute to this, with the median home price at $492,900, much higher than both the national and state averages. Rent for a two-bedroom unit averages at $1,930 per month, further adding to the financial burden​​.
  • Traffic Congestion: Traffic can be a significant issue, especially for those commuting between Plano and Dallas. The commute can take up to an hour due to congestion on Dallas North Tollway and Highway 75. East Plano offers some relief, but reliance on public transportation can be challenging​​.
  • Car Dependency: In Plano, having a car is almost a necessity due to the suburb layout and limited public transportation options. This can be a disadvantage for those preferring walkable communities or relying on public transport​​.
  • Extreme Weather: Plano experiences hot summers, with temperatures soaring as high as 96°F. Additionally, the region is prone to tornadoes, necessitating preparedness for these natural events​​.
  • Rising Housing Prices: The housing market in Plano has seen a substantial increase over the past decade, largely due to the influx of population and the presence of quality schools and job opportunities. This has made certain areas, particularly West Plano, less affordable​​.
  • Lack of Nightlife: Plano’s nightlife is limited, which might be a drawback for those seeking vibrant night-time activities​​.
  • School Quality: Plano ISD boasts high rankings in various categories, including top public high schools, diversity, and college preparation. However, the disparity in school quality can be a concern for residents in certain suburbs​​.
  • Crime Rates: Plano is relatively safe, with low crime rates compared to the national average. However, this can vary across different suburbs, affecting their livability​​.


While Plano and its suburbs offer many advantages, including job opportunities, quality education, and a relatively safe environment, the challenges of high living costs, traffic congestion, car dependency, extreme weather, and varying school quality play a significant role in determining the livability of its suburbs.

The suburbs listed here, from Murphy to Celina, face these challenges more acutely, making them less desirable in 2023. It’s essential for potential residents to weigh these factors when considering a move to or within the Plano area.

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