Survey Finds the Most Neediest City in Entire Michigan State

Many towns in the United States are dealing with a wide range of economic and social problems, such as homelessness, hunger, and poverty. WalletHub, a website for financial advisors, looked at over 180 U.S. cities as part of an analysis that came after their study on the most generous states. To find the most needy cities, the study looked at 28 signs of economic problems, such as child poverty, food insecurity, and states without health insurance.

The Neediest City of Michigan

Detroit is in the lead for having the most important problems. The city has the highest unemployment rate in the country, at 8.3%, which is a big reason for its high rating. Detroit also has the second-highest rate of adult poverty and the third-highest rate of kid poverty in the country. More than a quarter of adults and almost half of children live below the poverty line. The study shows that people who live in Detroit face a lot of problems, even though the city is very important to the auto business.

According to the ranking, Detroit has more problems than just money problems. For example, the city has one of the highest overall crime rates and the second-highest violent crime rate per 1,000 people.

Close behind is Brownsville, Texas, where differences in education have been named as a major cause. The study shows that 32% of people in Brownsville who are 25 years or older never finished high school. The city also has problems because people can’t finish their education online; it ranks first in the number of households without a computer and a broadband internet connection.

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Fresno, California, comes in third place, mostly because it has the highest rate of homelessness in the country. Unfortunately, the study says that Fresno’s strict rules against begging, loitering, and sleeping in public places make things worse for the city’s homeless.

To show how needy a city is in many ways, WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe says, “When most people hear the word ‘needy,’ they immediately think about physical needs like food, healthcare, and shelter.” There are many other factors that can make a city needy that aren’t clear at first glance. Cities also need to deal with issues like high rates of dropping out of school, bad mental health, overcrowding in housing units, and more.

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