Rand Paul Exposes Massive $900B in Government Waste via ‘Festivus Report’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) published his yearly “Festivus” report on Friday, detailing $900 billion in wasteful spending by the government. This is the ninth year in a row.

Notable examples include the National Institutes of Health’s funding of research on Russian cats on treadmills; the Department of Defense’s loss of $169 million in outdoor-stored military equipment; the United States Agency for International Development’s $6 million allocation for tourism in Egypt; and the Small Business Administration’s over $200 million in grants to “struggling” musicians like Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne. The research also notes that this year’s debt is $34 trillion, up from $30 trillion in 2022.

A Massive Statement:

“Who is responsible for our crippling debt load? Paul wrote, “Everyone,” in the report. Congressmen from both parties passed a bill this year raising the debt ceiling, allowing the government to borrow as much money as it wants until 2024. Record-high inflation and crippling interest rates are the costs borne by American taxpayers as Congress spends to support its pet industries and projects.”

Rand Paul Exposes Massive $900B in Government Waste via 'Festivus Report' (1)

He went on to say: “The same big spenders teamed up, yet again, to continue sending Americans’ hard-earned money to foreign countries and funding endless wars, all while ignoring our porous southern border.”

Rand’s investigation exposed government spending, such as accepting Barbie doll images in exchange for COVID relief payments, which came from a $800 billion allotment in Paycheck Protection Program monies. $659 billion for interest on the national debt, $33.2 million for research on transsexual monkeys, $6 million to promote tourism in Egypt, and an unspecified sum for USDA research on dog walking during the summer were among the other spending mentioned.

Following a strenuous summer stroll, the researchers discovered that the Labradors’ fur color had no bearing on their body temperatures. And that’s it. That is the state-funded research project,” Paul wrote. “The Agricultural Research Service at the USDA, which funded the study at Southern Illinois University, gets $1.7 billion a year from Congress, but it’s unknown how much the hot dog study cost the taxpayer.”

According to the report, a study utilizing $477,121 to force-feminize male rhesus macaques in a Florida facility was financed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the direction of Dr. Fauci. Even though some claim monkeys are not HIV-susceptible, the experiment involves giving these male monkeys female hormones to look at possible vulnerabilities.

“The lab worked to make male lab monkeys ‘transgender’ to address ‘social injustices’ suffered by ‘transgender persons’ such as ‘transgender women (TGW)-individuals who were assigned a male sex at birth but express their gender along a female spectrum,'” said the study.

Rand Paul Exposes Massive $900B in Government Waste via 'Festivus Report' (2)

According to a statement provided to Fox News Digital by Justin Goodman, Senior Vice President of the White Coat Waste Project, a watchdog group calling for an end to taxpayer-funded animal experiments, “a growing majority of taxpayers — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike — oppose Uncle Sam’s wasteful, dangerous, and cruel animal experiments at home and abroad and don’t want to be forced to pay billions for these boondoggles.”

Paul referenced several results from the Festivus study, including Fauci’s Monkey Island and the Russian cat lab, from the White Coat Waste Project.

A further $2.7 million was used to fund the creation of graphic novels about disinformation, research on COVID-19 “misinformation” in rural and black communities, training Department of Homeland Security employees, and studying Russian cats on treadmills and meth-head monkeys. These costs were not disclosed.

Destroying military hardware cost $169 million, while research and entertainment spending on transgender and gambling monkeys, as well as unlawful federal payments, came to $236 billion.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the national debt will rise dramatically over the next ten years, with an average yearly increase of $2 trillion. approximately the course of the next ten years, this equates to approximately $5 billion in debt every day.

One of the Gigantic Statements Here:

“As always, taking the path to fiscal responsibility is often a lonely journey, but, as I’ve done in years past, I will continue fighting against government waste this holiday season,” Paul said.

The previous year, Paul’s research dissected $482 billion in unnecessary spending, ranging from billions allocated to ineligible individuals to a $118,000 investigation into the possibility of Marvel movie villain Thanos snapping his fingers while donning the Infinity Gauntlet.

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