New Mexico Officials Take Away Licenses From Two Weed Farms

Two more weed licenses have been taken away by the weed Control Division (CCD). This time, it was said that two farms in Torrance County had too many plants, pests, and other problems. After official hearings to look into the claims, each farm will be fined $1 million.

Compliance officers from the CCD say they found “multiple alarming violations” at Bliss Farm, which is close to Estancia. The government gave the farm 17 tickets for breaking the rules, and they say there’s proof that some of the plants may have been sold illegally and without the right paperwork. According to the government, the farm had thousands more plants than their license allowed.

The Native American Agricultural Development Company runs a farm close that was given eight tickets by the CCD. The CCD says they had bad security measures, buildings that weren’t well taken care of, and proof that they didn’t keep proper records. The officials thought that the farm had about 38,000 more plants than they were allowed to have.

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The director of the Cannabis Control Division, Todd Stevens, said in a press release, “Ensuring compliance in the industry is our top priority, and our office is dedicated to making sure New Mexicans can get safe cannabis products.” “The team worked hard on both of these cases to figure out what should be done about violations on a scale we hadn’t seen before.” Under the law, the results were fair given how badly these people behaved, and I hope this serves as a warning to others who might be breaking the state’s laws and rules.

Since New Mexico made cannabis legal for adult use, the state has taken away six cannabis licenses, including the two that were talked about in this story. The CCD also says that the state has fined underage weed users over $2.3 million.

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