Mayor Parker Appoints Pedro Rosario as Deputy Police Commissioner for Kensington

In a historic announcement, Pedro Rosario has been appointed as the new deputy commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department. This groundbreaking appointment makes Rosario the first-ever Latino to hold this position. His primary responsibility will be to lead the department and work closely with Mayor Cherelle Parker to develop and implement strategies aimed at enhancing public safety in the Kensington area.

“Rosario’s qualifications and extensive experience position him as the top candidate for this job,” stated Parker during a news conference held on Thursday morning.

“Moreover, he is the inaugural Latino deputy police commissioner in the Philadelphia Police Department,” Parker added. “Prior to his race and ethnicity, I made a deliberate effort to acknowledge and highlight his qualifications.” Living at the intersection of race and gender can be a challenging experience. It can be quite frustrating when someone acknowledges your race or ethnicity without considering your qualifications, hard work, and dedication that have allowed you to earn opportunities.

In a recent statement, the mayor expressed her optimism about the appointment of Rosario as deputy police commissioner, describing it as a positive move towards achieving the administration’s goal of eradicating open-air drug markets in various neighborhoods, including Kensington. Rosario was greeted with a standing ovation as he entered the news conference on Thursday morning. He expressed his feelings of being overwhelmed but proud to have made history in the city’s police department.

The newly appointed deputy police commissioner highlighted that the issues surrounding an open-air drug market in Kensington have been a longstanding concern, which has not received significant attention in previous administrations. According to him, the responsibility has been handed over to Parker along with her 100-day action plan.

Rosario, a 29-year veteran of the police department, brings a wealth of experience to his new appointment. His addition to the top brass of the department also enhances diversity within its ranks. He has primarily worked in the 24th and 25th Districts, which include Kensington. In a recent statement, he expressed his inability to disclose his current plan for cleaning up Kensington. However, he acknowledged the daunting nature of the task that lies ahead.

Mayor Parker Appoints Pedro Rosario as Deputy Police Commissioner for Kensington

“Regrettably, the city has been plagued by a surge in criminal activity,” Rosario reported. “It is necessary to shift that paradigm.” The residents of this city deserve a high standard of living that includes convenient access to shopping opportunities. Residents can experience the diverse and vibrant communities found in our area. Reporting live from Kensington, we begin our coverage. Starting with our community and our children as the top priority, that’s where I’m focusing my efforts.

In a recent development, Parker’s administration held a meeting with over 50 individuals in Kensington on Monday to gain insight into the various challenges faced by the community. Parker has expressed her commitment to continuing these meetings in the future. CBS Philadelphia has learned that further details regarding the plan to improve the neighborhood will be revealed following the completion of the mayor’s initial 100 days in office.

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The residents and workers of Kensington place a paramount importance on public safety. Dionicio Jimenez, the owner of Cantina la Martina, an authentic Mexican restaurant located on the 2800 block of D Street, expressed his positive views on the matter. According to him, many individuals from the street are in dire need of assistance, making it a beneficial initiative. “It appears to be beneficial for the neighborhood.” It’s great to see the kids heading off to school every morning.

Jimenez and his wife embarked on a culinary venture in 2022, opening their very own restaurant. According to him, it has been quite a challenge since then. However, he has a strong affection for his community and maintains a belief in its potential. He has made efforts to assist those who require assistance.

“They require assistance, support, medical attention, and treatment,” Jimenez stated. Police commissioner Kevin Bethel reiterated his commitment to Kensington and expressed his determination, alongside the Parker administration, to secure the necessary resources to bring back stability. Bethel confidently stated that the conversation we are having now will not be repeated next year.

In a move that has caught the attention of many, Parker has wasted no time in making his mark on the city by declaring a public safety emergency shortly after assuming office just last week. In her first 100 days as mayor, the mayor has laid out her plans for her administration. One of her top priorities is to address the issue of open-air drug markets in Kensington, and she has instructed Bethel to take action on this matter.

In an announcement today, the mayor revealed her intention to introduce a new initiative aimed at increasing the presence of police officers in our neighborhoods. Emphasizing the importance of community policing, she outlined her plans to enhance public safety. Parker emphasized the importance of a shift in the role of police officers, stating that they should act as guardians rather than warriors, during her inaugural address.

Parker addressed concerns about public safety during a statement on January 2nd, acknowledging that there may be individuals who disagree with the decisions being made. “Philadelphia, the message is clear: I am fully dedicated to restoring order and a sense of lawfulness to our city, putting an end to this prevailing sense of lawlessness.”

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