Karine Jean-Pierre Urges Patience for ‘Bidenomics,’ Citing Pandemic Challenges

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that the COVID-19 pandemic was causing people to stray from President Biden and the Democratic Party and that Americans needed to give his economic initiatives more “time” to take effect.

Willie Geist of MSNBC questioned Jean-Pierre on how she would address important voting blocs like young voters who are “straying” from the president and considering other options like Donald Trump.

“Look, we recognize the struggles that the American people have faced over the last three years, don’t we? We did emerge from a pandemic, correct? a pandemic that hasn’t occurred in a century. And the economy was completely upside down when the president arrived,” she admitted.

“And so we get it,” Jean-Pierre went on. We understand that, thus it will take some time for people to experience the benefits of “Bidenomics.” That is not what I am saying at all. Economists have made that claim, are I correct? It need some time to complete. However, this does not indicate that the president will stop working.”

Then, a spokesman for the White House declared that Biden will “finish the job.”

Karine Jean-Pierre Urges Patience for 'Bidenomics,' Citing Pandemic Challenges (1)

Geist also questioned Jean-Pierre over Biden’s declining support among people who identify as Latino and Black.

“When the president arrived, the unemployment rate for the Black and Latino communities was 9.2%. What have we done for them? It is now less than 6%. That is as a result of “Bidenomics,” which is how we initiated this discussion. In a similar vein, we witnessed a decline in unemployment within the Latino community. Additionally, we observed that both communities’ economic wealth and the wealth disparity rose together, she informed the MSNBC hosts.

According to Jean-Pierre, “equity” is a component of every law the president has proposed.

“So, you see, the president has consistently placed equity at the core of every legislation and policy he has proposed. Since we are aware that a great number of communities have been abandoned. Our goal is not to implement trickle-down economics. We are not, really, really not. The president doesn’t think that way,” she remarked.

The Democratic Party has begun to distance itself from the “Bidenomics” moniker, which has grown more and more unpopular.

In November, a Democratic strategist told NBC News that the message strategy was awful.

According to the strategist, “Whoever came up with the slogan Bidenomics should be fired,” NBC reported. “It’s probably the worst messaging you could ever imagine.”

If Biden maintains promoting “Bidenomics,” particularly if voters “don’t perceive” it in time, CNN political expert Errol Louis cautioned that he may “lose” his attempt for reelection.

“Sure, the economy might be getting better, but if voters don’t perceive it in time, then he’ll lose,” Louis said.

Gabriel Hays of Fox News contributed to this article.

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