Every month, President Biden is told by a Democratic pollster that he is ‘losing ground’: ‘Stop touting progress’

The recent comments by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg on President Joe Biden’s political standing highlight significant challenges facing the Biden administration as the 2024 election approaches.

Greenberg, speaking on CNN, expressed concern over Biden’s declining popularity, suggesting that the President’s messaging on progress, especially regarding inflation, is not resonating with the electorate.

He emphasized the need for the Biden team to rethink their approach to inflation, which is a pressing issue for many Americans​​​​.

Greenberg’s assessment aligns with a broader sentiment among a significant portion of the American public, who believe the country is on the wrong track.

This sentiment is reinforced by his suggestion that the administration needs to align more closely with public concerns, particularly regarding rising prices and inflation. According to Greenberg, acknowledging these issues directly could improve their connection with voters​​​​.

Furthermore, Greenberg’s analysis is based on a survey conducted by Democracy Corps, which he co-founded with James Carville.

This survey, involving 2,500 voters, led Greenberg to describe the current political climate as “grim.” He identifies three major factors influencing the upcoming 2024 election: the economic inflation post-pandemic, public anger towards perceived profiteering by large corporations and visible monopolies, and increased migration due to various global crises​​​​.

These insights suggest a complex political landscape for President Biden, where addressing economic concerns and effectively communicating with the electorate are crucial for gaining ground ahead of the next presidential election.

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