Beloved FL Restaurant Closes Doors as Buildings Fetch $6.1 Million in Sale to Development Group

Sometimes you get the impression that things don’t need to alter in long-standing restaurants. It can start to feel like you can always rely on your favorite restaurant—one you’ve been to for a long time—for pleasant company or a satisfying dinner.

Regrettably, well-liked, established eateries occasionally have to close. Florida is not exempt from this either. For instance, Ta-boo operated for more than 80 years before closing in the summer of 2023.

Another well-known, established restaurant in Florida that shuttered its doors and was later sold for a high price is another example. Also, the structure might include some shop space.

About Datz: This diverse deli first debuted in south Tampa in 2009, according to the restaurant’s website. It expanded its menu in 2013 to include Dough, a scratch bakery that can be seen in the article’s header image.

Beloved FL Restaurant Closes Doors as Buildings Fetch $6.1 Million in Sale to Development Group (1)

Hence, Tampa referred to Datz as “iconic.” The restaurant’s quirky signage and cheeseburger served on mac & cheese buns may have made it most famous.

Google reviews for Datz show that customers rated it 4.5 out of 5. The brunch was well received by reviewers. A few people praised the inventive menu options and first-rate service.

Scott, one of the reviewers, wrote:

“Eating at a restaurant twice in one day is a positive indication. While I was in town, I wanted to try the Cheesy Todd, even though I liked the Bob’s Cobb salad for lunch. after earlier dinner arrangements were canceled. I was back at Datz, tucked into the bar, savoring a cheeseburger on a fried macaroni and cheese bun. Is there anything not to love? Great staff. fairly priced. Strongly advise.

What transpired was that the eatery shut down towards the end of August 2023. The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that the property sold for a reported $6.1 million.

According to the publication, the Dough space is “not a dining concept but is related to the new restaurant planned for the Datz space.” However, the Datz establishment will continue to operate as a restaurant.

According to Creative Loafing, a “new retail concept” might take the place of the Dough location.

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