Al-Qaeda Issues Threats Against Western and Jewish Sites Prior to New Year’s Celebrations

In a video that was made public during the past week, Al-Qaeda allegedly threatened to launch an “open-source Jihad” against Jewish and Western targets, including airlines.

Fox News Digital has been informed by multiple federal officials, including the TSA and law enforcement organizations, that they are aware of the footage and are keeping an eye on the situation.

With tens of thousands to over a million people predicted to swarm major cities to ring in the New Year, the TSA declared on Sunday morning that they are “not aware of any credible threats resulting from this video to date,” but they are nevertheless on high alert.

The TSA stated in an email that “foreign terrorist groups frequently highlight transportation modes during the holidays.” “TSA is operating at a high level of security and constant state of vigilance, as always.”

According to an article by Atlas News, the original video called for more assaults on American, British, and French airlines and was purportedly uploaded on Christmas Day, December 25.

According to Atlas News, the ominous video purportedly listed many airlines, including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, EasyJet, Air France, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Al-Qaeda Issues Threats Against Western and Jewish Sites Prior to New Year's Celebrations (1)

Since Hamas began a conflict with Israel on October 7, “various foreign terrorist media organizations” have called for lone-wolf attacks in the United States, according to the FBI, as was reported by Fox News Digital.

“The FBI is closely monitoring threats to public safety during the holiday season, which the ongoing Israel-HAMAS conflict may amplify,” the bureau stated on Sunday.

“We take all potential threats seriously and will work closely with our law enforcement partners to determine their credibility, share information, and take appropriate investigative action.”

During the beginning of the War in Israel, the FBI has been monitoring possible terror threats and the spike in hate crimes, according to James Smith, assistant director in charge of the FBI Field Office in New York, who spoke with Fox News Digital on Friday.

“I would say overall that, yes, there are threats out there, but we are out there to protect the community day in and day out,” Smith continued.

In addition, he emphasized that everyone in Times Square, or elsewhere they may be celebrating, ought to remain vigilant and “see something, say something.”

The NYPD mentioned Mayor Eric Adams’s statement during the news conference that there are “no credible threats” that they are aware of, but that they are collaborating with other law enforcement organizations to safeguard the Big Apple.

The Safeguarding the Skies

The TSA claimed that to safeguard American airlines, it “maintains a risk-based, intelligence-driven approach.” Regarding Al-Qaeda’s danger to Western aircraft, the TSA stated via email, “That includes multiple layers of security, both seen and unseen.”

“The TSA and DHS are in close and ongoing touch with all of our partners, and will continue to monitor the situation and adjust security measures as and when necessary.”

Credential authentication technology and computed tomography scanners are some of the most recent safety innovations being used. Furthermore, security is not limited to checkpoints.

Federal Air Marshals and canines trained to detect explosives will be conspicuously stationed at airports. Smith wants everyone in America to welcome 2024 with vigilance.

“Enjoy your experience. Be at ease. We’re here to keep you safe,” Smith remarked. The only thing I’m requesting is that you report whatever you notice. If you believe something is incorrect, report it or tell the policeman on the corner.”

The FBI requested that anyone in the public report anything they believe to be suspicious to law enforcement immediately or contact their neighborhood FBI office.

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