8 Most Stupid Laws in New Jersey State That You Won’t Believe

Like every other state in the US, the Garden State has its own crazy rules that friends and coworkers have shared in group emails. But have you ever thought about how these rules came to be?

One thing that laws do is show us about the time period in which they were written and why they were written. For example, women in Salem, Massachusetts, who were thought to be witches were put through a “floating test” to prove their guilt. Since witches strongly opposed baptism, it was thought that the water would reject their body and they would float.

Some of the rules in the New Jersey Constitution can be understood in the same way. People were stricter with their religion and culture back then than they are now, so these laws hurt them. One example is that car lots can’t be open on Sundays because that’s the day of the Sabbath.

A group called the New Jersey Law Review Commission is in charge of getting rid of some of these old rules. It’s interesting to look at this list of strange old and new New Jersey rules.

The Stupidest Laws in New Jersey

No poor people in New Jersey

This law from 1941 says that you can’t bring a poor person into the state or move them from one county to another within the state without permission from the county welfare board. Anyone who breaks this law is guilty of a misdemeanor, and that poor person will be sent back where he came from in the way that the law says.

Don’t Sell Cars on Sundays

Title 2C, Section 2C:33-26 says that people who buy, sell, or trade cars for cash are not allowed to do business on Sundays. If you break this rule, you will be charged with a misdemeanor and could face a $100 fine, 10 days in jail, or both.

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Don’t Say ‘Hi’ to Strangers

This silly order comes from the Camden County township of Haddon. To approach a person of the opposite sex and try to talk to or get to know them against their will on a public street or other public place in the Township is illegal. This includes using words, signs, or gestures.

Liberating Fox is Illeagal

If you let a trapped fox go in New Jersey, you will be in trouble with the law. The punishment for this crime is a $150 fine for each incident.

Cross-dressing is Illegal

Still in the town of Haddon, no one can be seen in public or on the street naked, in a dress that doesn’t fit their sex, or in a dress that is inappropriate or lewd.

Sell Handcuffs to Minors is Illeagal

Handcuffs can’t be sold to anyone younger than 18 years old. I don’t know why anyone would do that. Anyone who does this is breaking the law by being unruly. Handcuffs that are sold in a way that breaks the law will be taken away by a police officer.

Illegal to Wear a Bullet-proof Vest

Title 2C Sect. 2C:39-13 of New Jersey Law says that someone is breaking the law if they use or wear a body vest while committing or trying to commit murder, manslaughter, robbery, sexual assault, burglary, kidnapping, criminal escape, or assault, or while running away after committing or trying to commit one of these crimes.

No Shooting Ranges in Blairstown

Anyone in the township of Blairstown who sets up, maintains, runs, or conducts a business shooting range is breaking the law.

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