24 New California Laws You Should Be Aware of in 2024

California is set to implement a host of new laws in 2024, reflecting the state’s commitment to addressing various issues from employment and housing to transportation, public health, public safety, and consumer protection. Here’s a comprehensive list of 24 noteworthy laws that will shape California in the coming year:

2024 California Employment Laws:

  1. State Minimum Wage Increase: Effective January 1, the state minimum wage rises to $16 per hour, up from $15.50.
  2. Minimum Wage Increase for Healthcare Workers: Starting June 1, SB 252 raises the minimum wage for healthcare workers to $23.
  3. Paid Sick Leave: SB 616, effective January 1, mandates employees to accrue at least 40 hours or five days of sick leave within their initial 200 days of employment.
  4. Reproductive Leave: SB 848 requires employers to offer reproductive leave within three months of the event, effective January 1.
  5. Work From Home: SB 731, effective January 1, mandates a 30-day notice before requiring remote employees to return to an in-person setting.
  6. Penalizing Cannabis: SB 700 prohibits discrimination against individuals related to cannabis use in employment.
  7. H-2A Information for Agricultural Workers: AB 635, effective March 15, requires employers to provide written notice of the federal H-2A visa.
  8. 2024 California Housing Laws: 8. Security Deposits: AB 12, effective July 1, caps security deposits at one month’s rent, with exceptions for certain property owners.
  9. Rent Control: AB 1620 allows tenants with permanent disabilities to relocate within rent-controlled units at the same rate and terms, effective January 1.
  10. Credit History: SB 267, effective January 1, prohibits the use of credit history in rental housing applications.
  11. 2024 California Transportation and Traffic Laws: 11. Bicycle Signals: AB 1909 introduces a requirement for bicyclists to obey bicycle signals, effective January 1.
  12. Speed Cameras: AB 645 allows certain cities to establish a Speed Safety System Pilot Program, effective until 2032.
  13. Shared Mobility Devices: AB 410 expands the definition of mobility devices, effective January 1.
  14. 2024 California Public Health Laws: 14. Conservatorship for Gravely Disabled Persons: Code 5350, effective January 1, establishes procedures for conservatorship for persons with mental health disorders.
  15. Electronic Medical Records: Code 14046, effective January 1, allows the establishment of the Medi-Cal Promoting Interoperability Program.
  16. LGBTQ Youth Support: SB 407 directs the California Department of Social Services to ensure supportive foster placements for LGBTQ youth.
  17. 2024 California Public Safety Laws: 17. Concealed Carry Revision: SB 2 restricts concealed carry of firearms in specific public spaces.
  18. Fentanyl Distribution Penalty: AB 701 increases prison sentences for dealing high amounts of fentanyl.
  19. Child Sex Trafficking: SB 14 classifies child sex trafficking as a serious felony, imposing harsher penalties.
  20. Ebony Alerts: SB 673 introduces Ebony Alerts to locate missing Black women and youth.
  21. ‘Excited Delirium’: AB 360 prohibits the use of “excited delirium” as a cause of death and a valid medical diagnosis.
  22. 22. 2024 California Consumer Laws: Campsite Reservations: AB 618 imposes fees on campsite reservation holders who cancel within two to six days of their stays.
  23. Gender-Neutral Toy Section: AB 1084 requires department stores to have a gender-neutral section for children’s toys.
  24. 24.2024 California State Symbols: State Mushroom: AB 261 designates the California golden chanterelle as the official state mushroom.

These laws encompass a wide range of issues, reflecting California’s commitment to addressing contemporary challenges and ensuring a fair, inclusive, and progressive future for its residents.

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