2024 new rules in California: These cities will have speed cameras installed

In 2024, California will implement a new law involving the installation of speed cameras in several cities. This initiative is part of a broader set of legislative changes reflecting the state’s commitment to progressive measures.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB-645 into law, which will see the introduction of speed cameras in six cities across California. This rollout is part of a pilot program aimed at enhancing traffic safety and enforcement. Among the cities included in this program are San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. These cities may use up to 33 cameras to monitor and enforce speed limits in specific areas​​​​​​.

This pilot program, starting from January 1, 2024, is designed to crack down on traffic offenses and aims to reduce accidents. It reflects California’s ongoing efforts to address traffic safety issues and the impacts of speeding on road safety​​​​.

These developments in California indicate a significant step towards using technology to enhance traffic law enforcement and improve overall road safety. The implementation of speed cameras is expected to have a notable impact on driving behavior in the selected cities, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of traffic-related incidents.

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