This Kansas city was been named one of the nation’s “dangerous cities”

Kansas, renowned for its contributions to agriculture and aviation, also harbors some of the nation’s most dangerous cities. Notably, Merriam, a suburb of Kansas City, stands out in 2023 as the most perilous city in Kansas​​.

The Crime Landscape in Merriam

With a population of approximately 10,900, Merriam’s crime rates significantly exceed national averages. The city reported 686 violent crimes and 5,655 property crimes per 100,000 people in 2023, compared to national averages of 367 and 2,110, respectively​​. A closer look at the statistics reveals:

  • Violent Crimes: 75 incidents, including two murders, 15 rapes, and 40 robberies.
  • Property Crimes: 618 incidents, with a notable 125 vehicle thefts.
  • Overall Crime Rate: Merriam’s total crime rate is 6342 per 100,000 residents, 172.9% higher than the national average​​​​​​.

Factors contributing to this alarming situation include Merriam’s proximity to Kansas City, a high-crime area, limited police resources, and prevalent drug and gang issues. The city has only 33 police officers, equating to 2.9 officers per 1,000 residents​​​​.

Merriam’s Crime in Perspective

Comparatively, Merriam’s crime rate stands out even within Kansas, a state ranked as the 16th most dangerous in the U.S. Other Kansas cities with high crime rates include Iola, Topeka, Parsons, Wichita, and Junction City​​.

Addressing Crime in Merriam

Efforts to improve safety in Merriam focus on several strategies:

  1. Increasing and Training Police Officers: Enhancing law enforcement capabilities.
  2. Community Policing and Crime Prevention: Implementing neighborhood watch and youth mentoring programs.
  3. Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation: Addressing the high rate of opioid abuse and overdose deaths.
  4. Investing in Social Services: Providing resources in education, employment, and social services​​.

Community Initiatives

Merriam is engaging the community in crime reduction efforts. Activities like music events, hoola hoops, and interactive sessions with police vehicles aim to build trust between the police and residents. The police focus on areas prone to crime and emphasize community engagement as a key strategy​​.

Crime Trends: A Glimmer of Hope?

Despite the daunting crime statistics, Merriam has witnessed a 5.6% decrease in overall crime rates, including a 1.3% reduction in violent crime and a 6.1% drop in property crime​​. These trends offer a ray of hope and underscore the importance of continued and enhanced safety measures.

Education and Housing: Contributing Factors

Merriam’s educational attainment is higher than the national average, which is typically associated with lower crime rates. However, high housing and rental costs in the city might contribute to financial stress, potentially influencing crime rates​​.

Personal Risk of Crime in Merriam

For residents, the chances of falling victim to violent and property crimes are 1 in 146 and 1 in 18, respectively, significantly higher than national averages​​.


Merriam, Kansas, a city with strong economic and educational foundations, faces serious challenges in managing its high crime rates. The city’s multifaceted approach to crime reduction, focusing on community engagement, law enforcement strengthening, and social support, offers a roadmap for improvement.

While recent trends show a slight decrease in crime, the efforts must be sustained and intensified to ensure the safety and prosperity of Merriam’s residents.

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