This Georgia beach is among the state’s creepy places

Driftwood Beach, situated on Jekyll Island, Georgia, stands out as one of the state’s most intriguing and eerie destinations. This unique beach, characterized by its haunting landscape of weathered tree trunks and branches, tells a story of nature’s relentless force and time’s inexorable march​​​​.

The Making of a Creepy Landscape

  • Erosion’s Artwork: The beach’s iconic driftwood is the result of decades of erosion, transforming what was once a flourishing maritime forest into a sandy shore dotted with the skeletal remains of trees​​.
  • Fossilized Trees: Adding to its mystique, Driftwood Beach features whole fossilized trees, creating an unparalleled scene, especially at sunrise​​.
  • Nature’s Transformations: The constant changes affecting the northern part of Jekyll Island, including the daily tidal rise and fall, intense storms, and occasional hurricanes, have all played a part in shaping this unique landscape​​.

Location and Accessibility

  • Where to Find It: Driftwood Beach is located on the northern end of Jekyll Island, accessible via N. Beachview Drive, between the Clam Creek Picnic Area and Villas by the Sea Resort​​.
  • Best Time to Visit: The beach is highly dependent on tides. For the best experience, visit during an outgoing tide or at low tide, when the beach is most accessible and the driftwood is fully visible​​.

 A Haunting Beauty: The Transformation Over Time

  • From Forest to Beach: Originally a maritime forest, the beach has, over years of erosion and weathering, transformed into its current state. This natural process has resulted in gnarled and warped driftwood husks lining the shore, replacing the once-thriving forest​​.
  • A Photographer’s Paradise: The surreal landscape attracts photographers, wedding parties, and tourists, all drawn to its unique beauty and perfect for capturing stunning pictures​​.


A Testament to Nature’s Power Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is more than just a beach; it’s a testament to the power and unpredictability of nature.

Its eerie beauty and unusual landscape have made it a must-visit destination in Georgia, offering a glimpse into the past and a stark contrast to the typical beach experience. As a place where nature and history collide, Driftwood Beach remains a hauntingly beautiful and surreal landscape that continues to captivate and mesmerize its visitors.

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