This Florida Haunted Cemetery’s Horrifying Backstory

Florida, with its rich history, is home to numerous haunted locations, but none quite as chilling as the Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando. This cemetery, established in 1880, is not only the oldest and largest in Orlando but also bears the reputation of being the most haunted.

With over 70,000 souls resting here, including influential figures like Joseph Bumby and John Young, the Greenwood Cemetery is a place where history meets the supernatural​​.

Before its establishment, Orlando lacked a formal burial ground and a systematic record-keeping for the dead. This changed with the creation of Greenwood Cemetery, initially a 26-acre site known as Orlando Cemetery, which later expanded to 86 acres.

Notably, it houses the Greenwood Urban Wetlands and has dedicated sections for veterans of various wars, including the Civil War and World Wars I and II. The cemetery also provides a resting place for African Americans who were victims of lynching and those who perished in the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting​​​​.

The Greenwood Cemetery is now owned and operated by the City of Orlando and is open daily to the public. It even offers Moonlight Walking Tours, guided by a knowledgeable sexton, providing a unique way to explore its crypts and graveyards after sundown​​.

Hauntings and Ghost Stories

Greenwood Cemetery’s hauntings are as diverse as its residents. Reports of paranormal activity include:

  1. Restless Spirits: The cemetery is known for sightings of apparitions, disembodied melodies, and unexplained laughter, creating an eerie atmosphere among its visitors​​.
  2. The Spirit of Fred Weeks: Fred Weeks, a businessman who felt cheated in a land deal near the cemetery, is believed to haunt the grounds. He erected a tombstone as a symbol of revenge against those who wronged him and even in death, his presence is felt near his mausoleum​​.
  3. Babyland Hauntings: A section known as Babyland, the resting place for children under five, many from the Sunland Hospital, is said to be haunted. Visitors have reported hearing children’s laughter and music box melodies, adding a tragic yet chilling aspect to these young spirits’ stories​​.
  4. The Wilmott Family Tragedy: The Wilmott family mausoleum, marking the loss of young family members, is also a site of paranormal sightings, often of a ghostly soldier at its entrance​​.
  5. July Perry and the Ocoee Massacre: The grave of Julius “July” Perry, a victim of the 1920 Ocoee Massacre, a horrific incident of racial violence, marks another poignant spot in the cemetery. Perry’s lynching and the subsequent flight of African Americans from Ocoee contribute to the cemetery’s somber history​​.
  6. Military Apparitions: The military section of the cemetery, where veterans from several wars are buried, is known for sightings of apparitions clad in military uniforms, symbolizing the continued vigil of these soldiers even in the afterlife​​.


The Greenwood Cemetery in Orlando is more than just a burial ground; it’s a tapestry of history, tragedy, and mystery. From its inception to the various haunting tales that shroud its grounds, the cemetery offers a window into the past and an encounter with the inexplicable.

It stands as a testament to Orlando’s rich history and the enduring tales of those who rest there. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Greenwood Cemetery is undeniably a place where the past lingers, making it a must-visit for history buffs and paranormal enthusiasts alike.

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