This college has been named Michigan’s Worst College

Baker College in Flint, Michigan, has been named the worst college in the state for 2023. This designation was reported by and covered in various sources. The criteria for this unfortunate ranking include several concerning factors that impact the quality of education and the financial wellbeing of its students.

The key issues highlighted for Baker College are as follows:

  1. Low Graduation Rate: Only 21.1% of students at Baker College graduate. This low graduation rate is a significant concern as it reflects on the quality of education and student support provided by the institution​​.
  2. High Student Debt: Graduates of Baker College leave with an average debt of $22,852. This amount of debt, coupled with the low graduation rate, poses a considerable challenge for students, especially those who are unable to complete their education and thus struggle to find well-paying jobs to repay their loans​​​​.
  3. Low Post-Graduation Median Salary: The median salary for Baker College graduates six years after graduation is reported to be only $27,200. This relatively low earning potential further exacerbates the difficulty for graduates to manage and repay their student loan debt​​.
  4. High Loan Default Rate: The default rate on student loans for Baker College is at 16% and is on the rise. A high loan default rate is often a strong indicator of financial distress among graduates, which can be attributed to inadequate income levels to manage debt obligations​​.
  5. Employment Rate: On a more positive note, 82% of Baker College graduates are employed two years after graduation. This employment rate suggests that while the college has areas that need improvement, a significant proportion of its graduates are able to find employment within a reasonable timeframe after leaving the college​​.

These factors collectively contribute to Baker College’s ranking as the worst college in Michigan. It’s important for prospective students to consider these aspects when making decisions about their higher education, as such factors can have long-term implications on their personal and financial well-being.

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