This City Has Been Labeled Maine’s Murder Capital

Old Town, Maine, has been named the “murder capital” of the state for 2023. This designation, however, must be contextualized with a broader understanding of the city’s overall crime rate and recent history of violent incidents.

Overview of Crime in Old Town, Maine

  • Murder Rate: Old Town had one reported murder in 2023, resulting in a murder rate of 13.6 per 100,000 people. This rate is significantly higher than the national average and has led to Old Town being labeled as the most dangerous city in Maine​​.
  • Nature of the Murder: The murder in 2023 was a domestic violence incident involving a man stabbing his girlfriend to death. The suspect was arrested and charged with the crime​​.
  • Historical Context: This high murder rate is not new for Old Town. In 2019, the city also recorded one murder, translating to a murder rate of 13.8 per 100,000 people. The 2019 incident was drug-related​​.
  • Police Response: The local police, led by Police Chief Scott Wilcox, have acknowledged the crime problem and are working to reduce it through increased patrols, community policing, and partnerships with local organizations​​.

Crime Rates and Safety

  • Overall Crime Rate: Despite the high murder rate, Old Town’s overall crime rate is 63.2% lower than the national average. It has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the U.S., with only 27 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The total crime rate, including property crimes, is significantly lower than the national average​​.
  • Year-Over-Year Trends: Crime in Old Town has been decreasing. The year-over-year crime rate decreased by 40.6%, with violent crimes reducing by 33.3% and property crimes by 40.8%​​.
  • Safety Perception: These statistics suggest that Old Town is generally a safe place to live, with a low incidence of daily crimes and a significant decrease in crime rates over the past year.

Contributing Factors to Crime

  • Poverty Rate: Old Town’s poverty rate is 21.4, higher than the national average of 15.1. There is often a correlation between poverty rates and crime, suggesting that economic factors might contribute to the city’s crime dynamics​​.


While Old Town, Maine, has been named the “murder capital” of the state for 2023 due to its high per capita murder rate, this label should be considered within the broader context of its overall low crime rate and recent trends showing a decrease in criminal activity. Efforts by local law enforcement to address and reduce crime, along with understanding the socio-economic factors involved, are crucial in providing a comprehensive picture of safety and security in Old Town.

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