These Are Pennsylvania’s Top 5 Liberal Cities for 2023

Pennsylvania, with its diverse political landscape, is home to cities that notably lean towards liberal ideologies. This liberal inclination is evident in various aspects, including voting patterns, policy stances, cultural dynamics, and community engagement. In 2023, five cities in Pennsylvania stood out for their liberal orientations.

  1. Philadelphia: As Pennsylvania’s largest city, Philadelphia demonstrates a strong liberal stance, with about 80% of its votes going to the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. The city’s progressive regulations encompass areas like minimum wage, LGBTQ+ rights, and conservation efforts. Philadelphia also boasts a vibrant arts and entertainment sector, including the annual FringeArts festival, reflecting its openness to diverse perspectives and expressions. Community development is a key focus, with groups working collaboratively to enhance residents’ quality of life​​.
  2. Pittsburgh: The second-largest city in the state, Pittsburgh also ranks as the second-most liberal. In the 2020 presidential election, 75% of the votes were cast for the Democratic candidate. The city is known for its pioneering efforts in LGBTQ+ inclusiveness and climate change prevention. Pittsburgh’s cultural community, highlighted by institutions like the Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, underscores its liberal spirit. Additionally, Pittsburgh has a strong community engagement culture, evidenced by numerous neighborhood redevelopment programs and civic organizations​​.
  3. Harrisburg: As the state capital, Harrisburg stands third in liberal leanings. More than two-thirds of its votes in the 2020 presidential election favored the Democratic candidate. The city’s commitment to social justice issues and affordable housing is a hallmark of its liberal orientation. Harrisburg also hosts an annual Pride Festival and benefits from the involvement of groups like the Harrisburg Young Professionals, further indicating its diverse and welcoming atmosphere. The city’s rich cultural heritage, with landmarks such as the State Capitol and the National Civil War Museum, adds to its liberal character​​.
  4. Chester: A small city in Delaware County, Chester is fourth on the list of most liberal cities in Pennsylvania. In the 2020 presidential election, 62.9% of its votes supported the Democratic candidate. Chester’s liberal stance is reflected in its support for public education, health care, and environmental protection. The city’s vibrant cultural scene includes events like the Chester Arts Alive festival and the Chester Waterfront Summer Concert Series, celebrating diversity and talent. Chester also fosters a strong community spirit, with initiatives such as the Chester Community Coalition and the Chester Youth Collaborative​​.
  5. Yeadon: Another small city in Delaware County, Yeadon ranks as the fifth-most liberal city in Pennsylvania. Matching Chester’s percentage, Yeadon saw 62.9% of its 2020 presidential votes go to the Democratic candidate. The city advocates for civil rights, social services, and public safety. Yeadon’s cultural life includes venues like the Yeadon Theater and the Yeadon Public Library, which offer entertainment and education. The city is also noted for its high level of community involvement, with organizations such as the Yeadon Community Action Committee and the Yeadon Economic Development Corporation​​.

In summary, these five cities exemplify how liberal principles and beliefs can significantly shape a city’s character and identity in Pennsylvania. Their collective emphasis on progressive policies, culture, and community engagement serves as a testament to the varied political spectrum of the state​

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