The Top Three “Most Fun” Cities Are Miami, Orlando, and Vegas; Where is New York City?

Does New York City spring to mind when considering the most exciting cities in the US?

WalletHub compared nearly 180 U.S. cities based on 65 important parameters, such as the average number of fitness centers per capita, movie ticket prices, and breweries’ operation hours, to create their 2024 list of the Most Fun Cities in America.

On the list, New York City came in at number ten with a total score of 49.35. The Big Apple ranked fifth for amusement and entertainment, tenth for nightlife and parties, and eighteenth for expenses.

What are the most fun cities in the US?

1 Nevada, Las Vegas

“Las Vegas is a flashy tourist destination for a fun weekend out, but it’s also the most fun city overall, boasting a large number of attractions and 4.5-star or higher restaurants.”

2 Florida, Orlando

“The second-most fun city in the U.S. is Orlando, FL, which leads the nation in amusement parks, like the iconic Disney World and Universal Studios.”

3 Florida, Miami

“Miami, FL is the third most fun city in the U.S., and it has some of the best beaches in the country, which are an especially popular destination for spring-breakers.”

4 Georgia, Atlanta

5 San Francisco, California

6 New Orleans, Louisiana

7 Austin, Texas

8 Chicago, IL

9 Honolulu, Hawaii

10 New York, NY

Which cities in the tri-state area were included on the list?

53. Buffalo, New York

57. New York, Rochester

178. Yonkers, New York

131. Jersey , New Jersey

132. North Newark Avenue

138. Connecticut, New Haven

173. Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Everyone has fun in a different way. Some enjoy traveling, going to pubs and clubs, trying out new restaurants, or engaging in outdoor activities. Some people like watching movies, going on roller coasters, or playing video games,” the website stated.

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