The Name of Pennsylvania’s Most Conservative City Has Been Known

Pennsylvania, known for its political diversity and status as a swing state, has a mix of liberal and conservative cities. The degree of conservatism in these cities can be gauged using various indicators such as voting patterns, demographics, economic factors, and cultural values.

Identifying the Most Conservative City

The most conservative city in Pennsylvania for 2023 has been identified as Punxsutawney. This distinction is based on several factors:

  1. Voting Patterns: Punxsutawney’s strong conservative leaning is evident from the 78.7% votes cast for the Republican candidate in the 2020 presidential election​​.
  2. Demographics: The city’s population is predominantly white (97.6%) and Christian (75.4%), with a median age of 45.4 years, demographics that typically align with conservative values​​.
  3. Economy and Culture: The city’s economy is driven by sectors like manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, which often favor conservative policies. Additionally, a low crime rate, high homeownership, and low poverty rate reflect a sense of stability and security, aligning with conservative ideologies​​.

Punxsutawney’s conservatism is not isolated; the surrounding Jefferson County also leans Republican, with 76.9% voting for the Republican candidate in the 2020 election. This county is part of Pennsylvania’s 15th congressional district, represented by a Republican since 2009​​.

Top 10 Conservative Cities in Pennsylvania

According to RoadSnacks, a data analysis website, the top 10 most conservative cities in Pennsylvania for 2023, with Punxsutawney leading the list, are:

  1. Punxsutawney
  2. Somerset
  3. Lewistown
  4. Huntingdon
  5. DuBois
  6. Clearfield
  7. Selinsgrove
  8. Bradford
  9. St. Marys
  10. Sayre

This ranking is based on the method ‘Saturday Night Science,’ focusing on how each city voted in past elections, particularly the percentage of Republican voters​​.


Punxsutawney’s status as the most conservative city in Pennsylvania is a reflection of its voting history, demographics, economic structure, and cultural values. While Pennsylvania is a state with a diverse political landscape, Punxsutawney stands out with its strong Republican base, predominantly white and Christian population, and a stable, traditional economy. It’s also renowned for its Groundhog Day celebration, adding to its unique charm​

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