The Ghostly Mystique of Bass Cemetery: Alabama’s Most Infamous Haunt

The Bass Cemetery was founded more than 200 years ago. Burwell Bass, a Revolutionary War warrior who died in 1831, has the first recorded grave. He was the inspiration behind the cemetery’s name.

Bass Cemetery was also home to the grave of Montezuma Goodwin, a farmer who was shot and killed by his brother-in-law in 1904. Slaves and soldiers from both armies of the Civil War are buried in the cemetery.

About the Bass Cemetery

Reports of occult activities surged at Bass Cemetery as animal remains began to appear more regularly. It was said that one member of the occult stole a body from a casket. We don’t know who the ghosts in Bass Cemetery are.

While on the cemetery site, visitors report hearing cries, seeing ghosts, feeling watched or followed, and experiencing an unexplainable sense of ease. Photographs of hovering orbs and enigmatic mists have been taken by paranormal investigators.

Current Condition of the Bass Cemetery

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Regretfully, in recent years, Bass Cemetery has suffered from vandalism and neglect. Sadly, this has resulted in many gravestones being broken, and the site is frequently littered. However, it’s important to note that some areas of the cemetery are kept up beautifully, and admirably, attempts are being made to protect the originality of the tombstone markers.

Top 5 Alabama’s Most Infamous Haunt

The supernatural has always been a part of Alabama’s rich past, and while the state is home to numerous mysterious spots, five in particular stand out for their ominous reputation and haunting stories.

1. Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces

A National Historic Landmark with a sinister background, Sloss Furnaces was once a busy iron-producing plant. It has become known as one of Alabama’s most haunted locations due to numerous tales of paranormal activity, including ghost sightings and mysterious sounds. Ghost tours sometimes tell tales of fatal mishaps and rumored hauntings by past employees.

2. Demopolis’s ancient Gaineswood

The mansion is known for its Southern elegance, but it’s also said to be the site of paranormal activity. Strange voices, ghostly apparitions, and unexplained footsteps have all been reported by staff and visitors as resonating through the hallways. The eerie ambiance is heightened by the mansion’s tragic past and rich history.

3. Bass Cemetery, Irondale

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Irondale’s Bass Cemetery is known for its eerie reputation. It is tucked away in a tranquil rural location. Fans of the paranormal who want a close encounter with the paranormal are drawn to spooky stories of ghost sightings, light orbs, and unexplained occurrences. The cemetery’s history is infused with local legend, which heightens its enigma.

4. Tuscaloosa’s Drish House

This old home has a pronounced presence and has long been connected to paranormal experiences and scary tales. Ghostly apparitions are reported to exist, including the alleged presence of the house’s previous owner, John Drish, in legend. The mansion is said to be haunted in part because of its terrible background and gothic architecture.

5. Old Cahawba, Cahaba

Once a bustling antebellum metropolis, Old Cahawba, Cahaba, is now in ruins and shrouded in eerie folklore. There are rumors that the ruins of this abandoned town are haunted by ghosts from the Civil War and by former occupants. Nestled amongst the crumbling antique structures are reports of unexplained events and ghost sightings from visitors.


These locations attract both curious tourists and paranormal aficionados with their tapestry of eerie lore. Whether seeing deserted ruins, opulent mansions, or peaceful cemeteries, Alabama’s haunted places provide insights into the enigmatic and frequently terrifying history of the state.

Even though some people might not be persuaded, the myths and stories surrounding these notorious haunts never fail to pique people’s curiosity and awe those who want to see beyond the obvious.

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