Spirit Seekers’ Triumph: After Days in Line, Fans Celebrate Securing Rare Bottles at Spec’s Bourbon Drop

One of the few establishments holding the yearly “Bourbon Drop” on Thursday is The Specs in Midtown.

HOUSTON — For days, some bourbon aficionados gathered outside a Spec’s in the Houston region in hopes of obtaining extremely rare and sought-after bottles.

To participate in Spec’s yearly Bourbon Drop, where rare and highly sought-after bottles are distributed, people camp around for days.

While some had packed tents to secure a spot in line outside the Midtown store, others were there with more basic lodging.

Ashlee Sawtell of Tomball told KHOU 11 News, “We brought a blanket and a chair; we weren’t equipped.” The first clients had arrived on Christmas morning, but Sawtell hadn’t arrived until Wednesday morning. Sawtell was there with her father, and they claimed that it was worthwhile despite the freezing weather they experienced that night.

Isan Sawtell remarked, “It’s my kids with me so just kind of came out, had a good time, made some memories.” “The bourbon is cool, but what’s great is spending time with your kids and trying something new.”

Rather than paying more for identical goods on the secondary market, attendees of the event can acquire rare and sought-after bottles for retail pricing.

Spirit Seekers' Triumph After Days in Line, Fans Celebrate Securing Rare Bottles at Spec's Bourbon Drop (1)

While shopping at the store, Ray Cortez of Pearland told KHOU 11 that it was “one of the biggest drops in the United States.” “We’ve been here since Tuesday, so everything is going well so far, and we’re enjoying ourselves immensely.”

A few customers declared that they were prepared to part with hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

One of the first customers in line when they came on Christmas morning was Raquell Harris. “I got everything I wanted, it was worth it,” she remarked. “I got everything I wanted, and it was worth the four days we spent sleeping outside.”

Fans spend days camped out in front of Spec’s

“On Christmas morning, I arrived here at 4 a.m.,” Harris stated. “I have been out here since then.”

One of the few places holding the yearly “Bourbon Drop” this Thursday is The Spec’s in Midtown, and Harris was first in line to get her unique bourbon at retail price.

Wednesday, the queue extended around the structure. Visitors arrived from all over the state, including a party that drove from Austin and managed to get in line on Tuesday at 10 a.m. “Taylor Welden, the drop is way better, Houston.” “There are other bottles. Better options are available.”

For many, the camping setup was pretty amazing. This year, the fourth guy in line made sure he was prepared to camp in luxury by driving from Anderson, Texas. He had quite the setup, which gave it a tailgate-like vibe. He had an air mattress, games, and a grill.

“Since last year, when I was freezing in the chair in the rain, I have been planning this out,” Anderson remarked.

On Thursday, the Smith Street store will open at 10 a.m. According to the management, customers are permitted to buy a single bottle at each station that will be set up.

What is included in the release is as follows:

  • Select from Old Forester Barrel Strength Willet Wheated Bourbon and Single Barrel Bourbon.
  • Wagon of Smoke Just One Barrel Rye
  • Wood Tumblin Dice and Stagg Bourbon Proof by E.H. Taylor
  • Rosewood / Rittenhouse Rye Bourbon from Kentucky
  • Fortunate Seven Festive Cheers, the Owner, and the Frenchman
  • 10 recipe alternatives for Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon; select one.
  • widow Jane, 10 years old
  • Brooks, Ezra
  • Tequila Mythology Siempre & Willett Angel’s Envy Eagle Rare 10 Years
  • Weller Full Proof or 107 Bardstown Bourbon Origin (choose one)
  • Wild Turkey & New Riff Bourbon Spirits of Kentucky
  • The Yellowstone Maker’s Mark Bourbon Day 2023 at Knob Creek
  • Okay, so straight bourbon
  • Russell’s Reserve Whiskey
  • Elijah Benton’s (375ml, 750ml, or Gold) Penelope Bourbon Rebel Yell District Collection Craig Barrel Proof
  • Arette Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo Buffalo Trace Bourbon

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