Shocking Facts Revealed Behind the Most Haunted Road of Huntsville, Texas

East Texas is full of scary and ghost stories. You can find some kind of ghost in Tyler, Jefferson, Palestine, and many other places in our area. The town of Huntsville is in deep East Texas. This story takes place on the backroad Bowden Road, which is also known as Demon’s Road. People say that devils, ghosts, and even hands have tried to pull people into Hell in this area, which is how it got its name.

Huntsville’s Bowden Road

Bowden Road is a quiet backroad that is southwest of Huntsville. The road is paved, but many of the roads that lead off of it are not. One of these ghost stories takes place at Martha Chapel Cemetery, which is reached by this road.

Haunted Stories of Huntsville’s Bowden Road

A Boy on His Tricycle

There is a story about a boy who takes his tricycle down the road that goes with Demon’s Road. Some people say they see a smoky figure with sparkling eyes coming toward them and then going away in the fog. Some stories say that the boy can tell when you have done something very wrong. He will turn around and look into your soul with his red eyes. He then goes to your house, suffocates you, and drags your soul to Hell.

A Hand From Grave

The Martha Chapel Cemetery, which is right off of Demon’s Road, is the subject of another story. Back in 2001, a man from Houston asked his friend to ride to the graveyard with him. When the man gets out of the car, he sees that his friend is sleeping in the passenger seat. They park by the graveyard. While the man is walking through the cemetery, he sees that the ground is moving next to a grave. Someone picks up the man from the ground and grabs him.

When his friend shows up, they stomp the hand back into the ground. When they get back to the car, his friend is still “asleep” in the passenger seat. A mile down the road, the man gets in his car and finds that his friend has died. He had a heart attack on Demon’s Road on his way to the graveyard.

Faceless Monster

The next story is about a monster with no face that will follow you as you drive along Demon’s Road. The thing will float next to you as you walk along the tree line, but it will mostly leave you alone. It will charge at you, though, if you call it. That’s because this spirit is thought to only be able to move along Demon’s Road.

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