Shaker Heights, Kindergarten–9 Igor and his former handler will be reunited

In a heartwarming resolution to a complex legal issue, Shaker Heights City Council in Ohio has made a compassionate decision, allowing a dedicated police officer, Chad Hagan, to purchase his K-9 partner, Igor. This decision came after a special meeting to consider amending the city’s administrative code, a move that demonstrates the council’s willingness to address unique situations with empathy and flexibility.

Officer Hagan and K-9 Igor have shared a strong bond for years, evident in their six-year partnership, including living together. Initially, the Shaker Heights Police Department required Hagan to relinquish Igor upon his resignation, as per their agreement when the partnership was formed. Hagan had agreed that Igor would remain with the city if he left before the dog’s retirement. However, recognizing the depth of their bond, the council’s amendment to the ordinance facilitated a happy ending.

The council’s decision was not just a gesture of goodwill but also a strategic move to ensure the city’s interests were protected. The city agreed to transfer ownership of the K-9 to Hagan in exchange for funding for a new police dog and training for both the dog and another officer. This arrangement highlights the council’s commitment to balancing individual desires with civic responsibilities.

The community’s overwhelming support for Officer Hagan and K-9 Igor is a testament to the strong bond between law enforcement officers and their K-9 partners. A GoFundMe account was set up to help bring K-9 Igor home, raising nearly $13,000, reflecting the community’s appreciation and support for this unique partnership.

Shaker Heights Mayor David Weiss expressed gratitude for the widespread support and love for animals that this case elicited nationwide. The Hagan family’s offer of $10,000 to purchase Igor underscores their commitment to keeping him in the home he knows and loves.

The resolution of this situation serves as a powerful example of a community’s ability to come together to support one of its own. It also highlights the significance of K-9 units in law enforcement and the deep connections that can form between officers and their canine partners. The story of Officer Hagan and K-9 Igor is a reminder of the powerful bonds of loyalty and friendship that transcend the line of duty

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