NYPD Pursuit Unveils Wanted Suspect: Driver in High-Speed Chase Sought for Additional Crimes

Michael Rompa's Stolen Truck Rampage Leaves Dozens of Damaged Cars in Its Wake

In a startling incident that unfolded in a Staten Island neighborhood, the NYPD has identified the individual responsible for wreaking havoc in a stolen truck as 48-year-old Michael Rompa from New Jersey.

The dramatic arrest occurred on Thursday night when officers, with guns drawn, surrounded the stolen W.B. Mason truck moments before apprehending Rompa. The truck was lodged under cars on Van Duzer Street, bearing witness to the chaos it left behind.

Eyewitness Juan Perez described the sudden eruption of the situation, stating, “It was all really quiet before anything happened, and then suddenly, it just exploded out here, and it literally sounded like an explosion.”

After Rompa drove the stolen truck into Staten Island, the New Jersey police alerted the NYPD. A 40-minute chase ensued, resulting in the damage of at least 28 vehicles, including three police cars.

Debris scattered along Van Duzer Street served as a somber reminder of the destructive path that began at Bishop Street and Cranford Avenue, where officers first attempted to stop Rompa on Friday.

Michael Rompa now faces a total of six charges, including assault, reckless endangerment, fleeing an officer in a vehicle, unauthorized use of a vehicle, grand larceny auto, and leaving the scene of an accident.

NYPD Pursuit Unveils Wanted Suspect: Driver in High-Speed Chase Sought for Additional Crimes

The chase’s conclusion unfolded in front of Shaw-Nae Dixon’s restaurant, where many of the damaged cars belonged to her patrons. Dixon expressed the emotional toll on those affected, stating, “They’re all very, very shaken up, I will say that much.” In a compassionate gesture, she personally covered the cost of rideshares for her customers to ensure their safe journey home before the scene was cleared around 1 a.m.

Dixon’s son, who witnessed the arrest, shared a chilling detail. “When he looked out, he heard the gentleman running and saying, after he had been picked up by the police, saying, ‘I’m gonna do it again,'” recounted Dixon.

Despite the extensive vehicular damage, there were only minor injuries reported among residents and police officers, all of whom were promptly taken to nearby hospitals. Juan Perez highlighted the fortunate outcome, saying, “That’s the biggest blessing we can ask for in all of this.”

Police revealed that Rompa had a criminal history involving car theft, having previously stolen three cars. He was wanted for “numerous crimes” in both New Jersey and Staten Island. Sources confirmed that Rompa hails from Sayreville, New Jersey, underlining the multi-state impact of his crime spree.

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