Mysterious Fate of Tiahease Jackson, 11: Linked to Suspected Serial Killer Andre Rand in 1983 Disappearance

The Vanishing of Tiahease Jackson in 1983

Tiahease Tiawanna Jackson, an 11-year-old girl, disappeared without a trace in late summer 1983 from the Mariners Harbor Motel in Staten Island, New York. The motel served as temporary shelter for Tiahease and her family, including her mother Gwendolyn Jackson and three siblings, who were displaced by a fire.

The Mysterious Disappearance and Andre Rand’s Involvement

On August 14, 1983, Gwendolyn, Tiahease’s mother, asked her to run a simple errand to the Crown Supermarket. Tiahease left the motel at 1:30 p.m. to purchase chicken wings but never returned. Panic set in when her mother awoke at 4:30 p.m. and discovered her daughter missing. Tiahease, known for her street-smart nature, faced heightened concerns due to medical conditions, including asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and Bright’s Disease.

During the investigation, Tiahease’s family underwent polygraph tests, eliminating them as suspects. However, the focus shifted to Andre Rand, a convicted child murderer and suspected serial killer. Rand, previously convicted for the 1981 kidnapping of Holly Hughes, was reported to frequent the motel’s parking lot in a van, raising suspicions.

Unsolved Mysteries and Continuing Search for Answers

Despite Rand’s connection to multiple cases, including the 1987 kidnapping and murder of Jennifer Schweiger, he has not been charged in Tiahease’s disappearance. His unsettling criminal history and proximity to the incident make him a person of interest. Tiahease’s mother, Gwendolyn Jackson, eventually moved to Georgia with her remaining children, and she passed away in 2008 without learning her daughter’s fate.

Tiahease Jackson’s physical description, medical conditions, and the circumstances of her disappearance remain critical details. The search for answers persists, urging anyone with information to contact the New York City Police Department’s Missing Persons Squad or local authorities, citing the agency case number KNMP00347.

The hope is that sharing Tiahease’s story will contribute to bringing her home, emphasizing that she is our sister, and her life matters.

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