Must Check These Most Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia

Georgia is known for being very welcoming and having a fascinating history. There are many affordable places to live in Georgia. Whether you are a young professional looking for job opportunities, a growing family searching for a supportive community, or a retiree wanting an affordable place to live. Georgia has many cities and regions that are both affordable and offer a good quality of life.

This blog post will guide you through the most budget-friendly places to live in Georgia. Our goal is to help you maximize your budget while still providing you with the highest level of comfort and a wide range of amenities to enjoy.

Most Affordable Places To Live In Georgia

Warner Robins

Population: 80,308
Avg Home Price: $192,686
Median Household Income: $58,379

Warner Robins is a city located in the middle of Georgia. It is known for being a lively and welcoming place. The charm and appeal of this place come from its deep-rooted community spirit and rich historical significance.

The city is well-known for being the home of Robins Air Force Base and has a significant military presence. Many active-duty and retired individuals choose to live in this lively place.


Population: 201,196
Avg Home Price: $176,871
Median Household Income: $45,478

Augusta is located next to the beautiful Savannah River and has a nice mix of city conveniences and natural surroundings. The city has many historic landmarks, museums, and a vibrant arts scene. Both residents and visitors can enjoy exploring the city’s rich history and contemporary creativity.

Augusta is known for being one of the most affordable places to live in Georgia. Its cultural attractions also make it an attractive place to live.


Population: 127,358
Avg Home Price: $307,046
Median Household Income: $48,409

Athens, GA, is a lively and delightful city in the state of Georgia, USA. Even though this city is very popular, it still manages to keep the cost of living affordable for both residents and visitors. The median home price in this area is $307,046. This makes it an attractive place for people who want a mix of city conveniences and affordable housing.

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Population: 197,485
Avg Home Price: $152,411
Median Household Income: $50,542

Columbus, GA, is a beautiful city located on the Chattahoochee River in western Georgia. It has a lot of historical importance, cultural appeal, and affordable housing choices.

According to Forbes, it is ranked as the third cheapest place to live in America with good weather. This makes it a great choice for people who want a high-quality lifestyle that is also affordable.

The appeal of this place is that it is affordable and has a good climate. This attracts people who want a good balance between cost and quality of life.


Population: 147,088
Avg Home Price: $288,914
Median Household Income: $49,832

Savannah, Georgia, is a beautiful and old city situated on the southeastern coast of the United States. The city has a long and interesting history, which you can see in its well-kept historic district. This area has many beautiful old homes and important landmarks.

Living in Savannah is affordable, in addition to its beautiful appearance. The cost of housing in Savannah is about 28% less expensive than the average cost in the United States. This makes it a good choice for people who want to live somewhere more affordable.


Population: 18,867
Avg Home Price: $200,843
Median Household Income: $44,063

Thomasville, GA, is a lovely city in the southern United States. It is famous for its interesting past, beautiful scenery, and welcoming residents.

Thomasville is a city in the southwest corner of Georgia. It is known for having a cost of living that is about 8% lower than the national average. This makes it a very attractive place for both people who live there and people who are visiting and want to try new things.

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