Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Franklin Park, Illinois

Franklin Park, Illinois, is a well-known suburban city close to Chicago that boasts parks, a thriving community spirit, and diversity. It does, however, have some communities that struggle with greater crime rates, just like many urban places. To maintain safety, it can be essential for both locals and guests to be aware of certain locations.

Even though these neighborhoods have a reputation for having higher crime rates, Franklin Park is home to many vibrant and safe communities. While local law enforcement and community-driven organizations are always striving to improve safety measures, crime rates are subject to fluctuations throughout time.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Franklin Park

The following five Franklin Park neighborhoods are thought to be among the most dangerous since they have a reputation for having higher crime rates:

1. Mannheim Road Area

Situated in the northern section of Franklin Park, this neighborhood has experienced an increase in theft and burglary offenses. There are situations where living next to a major route encourages more criminal activity.

2. Near North 25th Avenue and West Belmont Avenue

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There have been reports of property crimes and sporadic violent crimes by locals. The neighborhood’s proximity to businesses can occasionally draw criminal activities.

3. North 25th Avenue & Scott Street

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Similar to the last location, there have been reports of property crimes and occasionally violent occurrences in this area. Its closeness to specific transit routes may encourage short-term criminal activity.

4. Franklin Avenue & Edgington Street

Locals have expressed worry over theft and vandalism, two crimes against property. The neighborhood’s crime rate is still a worry despite community efforts.

5. North 25th Avenue & Manheim Road

Situated close to the intersection of important thoroughfares, this neighborhood has seen an increase in incidences of property crimes, such as burglaries and thefts. Sometimes, criminal elements are drawn to places close to commercial establishments.

Franklin Park, Illinois, Crime Rates: Five Crucial Points to Know

The varied neighborhoods and close access to urban amenities of Franklin Park, a suburban city tucked away in the Chicagoland area, draw both locals and tourists. But it faces some issues relating to crime, much like many other places. Five important details about Franklin Park, Illinois’s crime rate are as follows:

1. Summary of Crime Data

The crime rate in Franklin Park varies depending on the neighborhood, as it does in many suburban areas. Property crimes like theft and burglary as well as occasional violent crimes are all part of the panorama of crime. It is necessary to look through the extensive data that law enforcement organizations have provided to comprehend these figures.

2. Factors Influencing Crime Rates

The rates of crime in Franklin Park are influenced by some factors. The crime scene is significantly shaped by several factors, including community involvement, drug-related problems, socioeconomic status, population density, and resource accessibility. In various communities, these elements interact in different ways, affecting the area’s crime rates.

3. Trends and Fluctuations

Franklin Park’s crime rate varies with time, just like those in other localities. Every year, law enforcement organizations usually publish reports with comprehensive crime data.

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These reports help locals and officials monitor patterns, evaluate modifications, and direct resources toward trouble spots. These studies assist in determining the regions that require intervention and preventative actions.

4. Initiatives by the Community and Law Enforcement

Working together to combat crime requires cooperation between the community and law enforcement. Franklin Park prioritizes community engagement by employing programs such as neighborhood watch systems, community policing endeavors, and liaisons with local law enforcement agencies.

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These programs encourage proactive steps to avoid and lessen crime by strengthening the relationships between the public and law enforcement.

5. Getting Current Information

It’s critical to consult official sources, such as the Franklin Park Police Department or local government resources, if one wants the most accurate and recent information on crimes in Franklin Park.

To help in understanding the current crime rate and its effects on the community, these sources frequently give annual reports, safety-related updates, and crime statistics.


In every metropolitan location, people should exercise situational awareness, stay alert, and take the appropriate safety measures. To create a better environment for everyone in Franklin Park, community members must participate in initiatives aimed at improving safety and exercise awareness of their surroundings.

Making educated decisions about where to live, visit, or invest can be facilitated by having a thorough understanding of the safety conditions in various neighborhoods, making the community a safer and more secure place for everyone.


A thorough analysis that takes into account numerous contributing elements and continuing initiatives to improve safety is necessary to comprehend the subtleties of Franklin Park’s crime statistics. Franklin Park residents and stakeholders actively participate in making the community safer by sharing information, encouraging community involvement, and supporting law enforcement activities.

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