Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Belmont

Even though Belmont is a bustling town in a beautiful landscape, it has the same social issues as many American cities. Despite having many conveniences and a charming old-world charm, some areas of Belmont have greater rates of crime than others, earning them the title of most hazardous districts in the city. To practice caution and awareness, both locals and visitors must have a thorough understanding of these places.

Where are the Most Dangerous Locations in Belmont?

I don’t have access to up-to-date, reliable crime information in real-time, which is necessary to determine Belmont’s most dangerous sites as of my January 2022 update. Different places have different crime rates and different people perceive different levels of safety. To identify the most dangerous areas, local law enforcement organizations or city authorities often publish recent crime data.

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I advise consulting the most recent crime reports from the Belmont Police Department or getting in touch with local law enforcement to learn more about the areas that may be experiencing a higher incidence of criminal activity as well as the rates, kinds, and locations of crimes that are considered to be the most dangerous in Belmont.

Insights about places where locals feel unsafe or where specific crime-related issues have been recorded can also be obtained through neighborhood associations, community outreach programs, or local news sources.

Belmont Police Department Statement:

I strongly advocate speaking with the Belmont Police Department or using their official resources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on safety and crime in Belmont. These tools provide extensive and current data on crime incidences as well as neighborhood safety evaluations.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Belmont

1. East End

The East End of Belmont has seen an increase in criminal activity despite its historic attraction, especially property crimes like theft and burglary. There have been reports of break-ins from locals, raising questions over security and safety.

2. The Southside Heights

There has been a rise in violent crimes including robberies and assaults in this neighborhood. Although Southside Heights has seen increased police presence in response to these problems, it is still one of Belmont’s riskier neighborhoods.

3. Westgate

Westgate is considered one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in Belmont since drug-related incidents have been common there. Although the authorities have taken steps to stop drug-related activity, law enforcement still has concerns about this area.

4. North View

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Belmont (2)

Northview, which is well-known for its diversity in the economy, has faced difficulties because of gang-related occurrences. This has increased gang-related crimes, which has locals and law officials concerned for their safety.

5. Park Central

Central Park has experienced a range of illegal activities, such as graffiti and disorderly conduct, despite its central location. Although there are more police officers on the street, problems still exist in this community.

Even though certain communities have been linked to increased rates of crime, most of Belmont is still a friendly and safe place to live. To make all communities safer, law enforcement organizations are aggressively tackling these problems by putting community policing and engagement programs into place.


In conclusion, even though Belmont has a generally welcoming atmosphere, it’s important to recognize the neighborhoods that struggle with higher-than-average crime rates. Through mutual understanding and cooperation, local authorities and citizens can endeavor to enhance safety and security in all Belmont neighborhoods.

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