Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, a city renowned for its breathtaking scenery and dynamic culture, faces safety issues in certain of its communities. Although the city has a lot of friendly and safe places, several neighborhoods struggle with crime and other safety-related problems. Gaining insight into these areas helps to clarify the intricacies and endeavors required to improve the safety and security of the inhabitants.

5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. Wells Park

Wells Park, which is close to Albuquerque’s downtown, has seen problems with property crime as well as a few violent criminal events. Substance misuse and economic inequality are two factors that contribute to the neighborhood’s safety issues.

2. The War Zone (International District)

The International District, often known as “The War Zone,” has seen an increase in cases of property crimes and sporadic violent crimes. Safety in this neighborhood has been influenced by problems like drug-related difficulties, gang activity, and poverty.

3. Nob Hill

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Albuquerque (1)

Even though Nob Hill is a bustling, well-liked neighborhood with plenty of restaurants and shops, there have been occasional instances of property crimes, especially those involving theft. The business character of the region occasionally draws burglaries and small-time thefts.

4. Broadway South

There have been instances of violent crimes and property crimes on South Broadway, raising worries about public safety. The neighborhood’s safety problems are a result of both socioeconomic inequality and local difficulties.

5. Southeast Heights

Safety issues have been present in some areas of Southeast Heights, particularly about property crimes like theft and burglary. Safety in this area is impacted by factors such as drug-related activity and economic inequality.

Although there are safety concerns in certain neighborhoods, it’s important to remember that initiatives are being made to solve these problems and make living conditions safer for locals. The goal of reducing safety concerns is to implement neighborhood watch programs, community policing initiatives, and partnerships between law enforcement and community organizations.

Methodology: How We Determine the Most Dangerous Albuquerque Neighborhoods in New Mexico

We would simply need to determine what kinds of things people prefer to live in to determine how horrible a place is to live in. From there, we could determine which places have the fewest of those things. The following parameters were entered into Saturday Night Science to determine which Albuquerque neighborhoods were the worst:

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Albuquerque (2)

  • High crime (estimated)
  • High jobless rate (Less jobs)
  • Low median earnings (Pay Less)
  • Low population density (lack of activities)
  • Low property values—no one would pay to live here—

Next, we sorted Albuquerque, New Mexico neighborhoods according to each of these parameters, going from worst to best. The individual rankings for each category were then summed to create a “Worst Score.” The Albuquerque neighborhood that has the lowest “Worst Score” is considered to be the riskiest.


The goal of initiatives centered on social service accessibility, economic growth, and community involvement is to improve these communities and provide possibilities for locals. Safety is also greatly enhanced by law enforcement tactics that focus on preventing crimes and treating their underlying causes, such as drug misuse and poverty.

It’s critical to have a sophisticated comprehension of these numbers. Even though there may be more recorded crimes in some neighborhoods, many areas also have active communities working to bring about positive change. All around Albuquerque, community organizations, businesses, local government, and citizens must work together to create safer and more welcoming communities.

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