Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Crime Places in the Florida Keys, Florida

The Florida Keys are well known for its colorful towns and stunning scenery, but some parts of the island have higher rates of crime. To navigate the area with awareness and safety, both locals and visitors must be aware of these specific sites.

Making educated decisions to improve their safety and security can be facilitated by being aware of the possible threats connected to these particular Florida Keys sites for both locals and visitors. The likelihood of becoming a victim of crime in these places can be greatly decreased by exercising caution, protecting property, and avoiding dangerous situations.

What City in Florida Has the Most Crime?

In Florida, Lake City has the highest rate of crime. With 72.7 violent crimes committed against every 1,000 citizens, the city has a rate of 196% greater than the national average. At 95.2 per 1,000 residents, the city has a higher property crime rate than the national average of 35.4.

What City in Florida Has the Lowest Crime Rate?

Longboat Key, Florida

Dangerous Crime Places in the Florida Keys (1)

Longboat Key is a highly safe place that is situated south of St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico. It comes in first for the lowest rate of violent crime, second for the lowest rate of property crime, and first for the lowest rate of unemployment. It is therefore among the safest locations in Florida.

5 Dangerous Crime Places in the Florida Keys

1. Duval Street in Key West

Even though Key West’s Duval Street is a hive of activity and nightlife, it is occasionally plagued by small-time crimes like pickpocketing, bar fights, and disturbances, particularly during the busiest travel seasons. Particularly in congested locations and late at night, visitors should exercise caution.

2. Grassy Key and Marathon City

Although Grassy Key and several areas of Marathon City are attractive, there have been documented instances of larceny and burglaries, among other property crimes.

To lessen the chance of being the victim of opportunistic crimes, residents and guests should lock their doors, safeguard their goods, and exercise caution.

3. The Lower Keys and Big Pine Key

Dangerous Crime Places in the Florida Keys (2)

Though mostly peaceful, there have been sporadic drug-related activity and property crimes in some parts of Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys. It is recommended that residents pay close attention and instantly report any suspicious activity to law police.

4. The islands of Stock Island and Key Largo

There have been instances of theft, vandalism, and sporadic drug-related activity in several areas of Key Largo and Stock Island. Visitors need to be aware of their surroundings, particularly at night or in less inhabited places.

5. The Upper Matecumbe Key of Islamorada:

Although Upper Matecumbe Key in Islamorada is mainly recognized for its tranquil environment, there have been occasional incidents and a few reported property crimes. It is best to use caution and awareness, especially when visiting less frequented areas or during off-peak hours.


It’s crucial to remember that, despite some instances of criminal activity, most of the Florida Keys continue to be welcoming and safe. The general safety and appeal of this enthralling archipelago are preserved in part by law enforcement activities, community involvement, and visitor awareness.

Both locals and tourists are welcome to explore and take in the Florida Keys’ breathtaking scenery and dynamic culture, but they should exercise caution and knowledge about any potential concerns in certain areas.

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