Longtime NFL Quarterback Confirms Vaccination Status Following Aaron Rodgers’ Request: ‘Fully Immunized’

Ryan Fitzpatrick, a former NFL quarterback, did precisely what Aaron Rodgers asked of the media on Thursday night: he informed the quarterback of the New York Jets of his immunization status before beginning an interview.

Fitzpatrick made a comeback appearance on the Amazon Prime Video NFL panel, which featured an interview with Aaron Rodgers while he was watching his team warm up before playing the Cleveland Browns.

“How are you doing, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Fitzpatrick, class of 2005?

Vaccinated twice,” Fitzpatrick stated. Rodgers grinned and laughed.

The vaccination comment was made by Rodgers on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday. He claimed that to better understand how people are framing their criticism of him for the Jets’ decision to activate him off injured reserve, they ought to disclose whether or not they have had a COVID-19 immunization.

“It is what it always is. The same individuals are making the same remarks,” Rodgers remarked. “I believe that what we should do, Pat is that before they speak, let’s go back to 2021 and force everyone to state their vax status. These are the same folks who were criticizing me and making up these theories about my injuries or anything.

Longtime NFL Quarterback Confirms Vaccination Status Following Aaron Rodgers' Request 'Fully Immunized' (1)

That will align all of these comments with the appropriate window. Before they say anything, let them say this: “Hey, I’m so-and-so, double vaxxed with Pfizer and triple boosted, and my opinion is this guy is a bad guy because he just wanted to practice and took money away.” At this point, ESPN is going to cut us off.

“At that point, everyone would realize that they are being controlled by puppet masters to say a specific thing about this individual, and you would at least know that. And the fact that I support medical freedom still irritates them. It’s the same old, stale story.”

Rodgers, who has missed all but four plays because of an Achilles tear, did summarize his season.

Longtime NFL Quarterback Confirms Vaccination Status Following Aaron Rodgers' Request 'Fully Immunized' (2)

It has been a single, enormous learning experience. Hard. I’ve put in a ton of effort to get back. been quite fortunate to spend time with some wonderful folks while undergoing treatment ” “A wonderful physician. Being back with the team for the past month or so has been pleasant.

Many of us find it difficult. I’m proud of the boys for remaining united. On both sides of the ball, we have experienced our fair share of injuries. mostly in the offensive. However, that is how the season unfolds. The NFL is a fantastic, fantastic career. It’s a challenging industry, and I believe our entire staff has learned a lot this year.”

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