Houston Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Has Been Discovered

There are lots of different things to do in Houston. You’d love the nicest places and never be able to get enough of them. Houston has dangerous areas, just like any other big city with a lot of different kinds of people living in it. Criminal behavior does happen, unfortunately. In any case, it is one of the best places to live.

If you want to move to Houston, you may be curious about “Where are the most dangerous places in Houston?” This will help you figure out which parts of Houston are unsafe and which ones are okay to be in.

Crime Situation in Houston, Texas

Houston’s crime rate has gone down by 6% since last year. Houston has 1.81 times more crimes per day than the average in Texas and 1.95 times more crimes per day across the country. Houston has 1.69 times the daily crime rate for property crimes as Texas and 1.82 times the daily crime rate for the whole country. Houston has 95% more crimes than the rest of the country as a whole. Houston has 170 percent more serious crimes than the rest of the country. A crime will happen to you once every twenty years in Houston. Austin is only 3% safer than the rest of the US towns.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Houston

It’s possible to live here for many years without getting robbed. Any day, it’s just as easy to become a victim anywhere known to be dangerous. What are the worst places to live in Houston?

  • Sunnyside: Sunnyside is an area south of the city center of Huston. This place is ranked sixth in the United States and many people think it is the most dangerous in Texas. There is a very high crime rate in this area, and people who live there have a 1 in 11 chance of becoming victims of crime. After looking at the numbers, we found that Sunnyside has a crime rate of 91.27 per 1000 people.
  • MacGregor Neighborhood: The MacGregor neighborhood is in the southeast part of Houston, in the Third Ward. A few years ago, it was found that this area was the 15th most dangerous in the whole country. There are a lot of low-income homes in this area, as well as Texas Southern University, which has a high rate of violent crime, and theft is common. The violent crime rate in the MacGregor area is 75.89 per 1,000 people, and every year, 1 in 13 people who live there will be a victim of crime.
  • Sharpstown: When Frank Sharp first made Sharpstown in the mid-1950s, it was a work of art. He thought the area had a lot of promise to be a great place for families to live. In the beginning, this dream came true, and Sharpstown became a popular place to have fun. It was a pretty safe place to live and the schools were good. After a few decades, Sharpstown got worse and became a crime-filled area.
  • Greenspoint: Because it’s also called “Gunpoint,” the name of the area tells you everything you need to know about it. Even though the Houston Police Department tried to bring order back to Greenspoint by putting up a storefront, it hasn’t helped shop owners or people feel better. People still know this area as a place where illegal things happen. But there are a number of projects going on to bring the area back to life, and some work has already been made. Greenspoint, on the other hand, is still not a very friendly part of Houston.
  • Travis Street and Elgin Street: People also say that the area around Travis Street and Elgin Street in Midtown Houston is one of the safest in the city. Attacks, thefts, and robberies that turn violent happen a lot in this area. Interestingly, this neighborhood is very different from past efforts to improve Midtown. The area has become more upscale, and the Gulf Freeway and Main Street are on the other side of Travis and Elgin Streets. It also has public schools that don’t do very well.
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