Holiday Chaos: Atlanta Airport Faces Disruption as Uber, Lyft Drivers Stage Protest

On Saturday, at one of the busiest travel times of the year, rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft disrupted traffic at the Atlanta airport in protest of their inadequate compensation.

The drivers interfered with Christmas travel by turning off their applications at 4 p.m. and staying parked at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for many hours, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Since drivers argue that their pay is sufficient for each ride, the protest was meant to send a message to the ridesharing firms that they should be paid more.

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Less than half of the fare for the ride was allegedly paid to drivers, according to the report. Less than thirty percent was recorded by several drivers.

Debora Williams, a driver with Lyft, called the salary disparity “ridiculous.” “I recently took a taxi, and the woman told me she spent $102 for a forty-minute ride. I received a $5 bonus, so that’s why I got $25,” she exclaimed, as reported by FOX Atlanta.

According to an Uber representative, some rideshare drivers make more than $30 per hour, supporting the company’s stance regarding their compensation.

The representative stated, “When drivers are actively working on the platform, earnings in Atlanta are more than $30 an hour,” according to the story. “Drivers also receive fare and destination information upfront before they accept a trip and are fully empowered to decide what trips are worth their time.”

Drivers get compensated in three different ways, according to a Lyft representative: bonuses, tips, and upfront compensation.

“Lyft takes the concerns of drivers very seriously and is regularly exploring ways to improve their experience on the platform,” said a representative for the company. Upfront Pay, which displays ride information and earnings to drivers before accepting a ride, was launched in Georgia and across the nation last year. In addition, we provide drivers a weekly pay summary that breaks down their earnings and the overall amount that riders have paid.”

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As stated by a Lyft representative, upfront pay is the amount that drivers get paid for each ride, which they can view before accepting. The distance and time it will take to finish the ride, the demand for rides in the region, and other market considerations all play a role in determining the cost.

A Lyft representative claims that drivers are also able to keep all gratuities received from customers.

A representative for Lyft explained that bonuses are another aspect of drivers’ pay that the firm offers. In the busiest locations and at the busiest hours, these bonuses are typically given out.

Many riders at the Atlanta airport rideshare zone told Fox 5 Atlanta that they had no trouble obtaining an Uber or Lyft ride despite the protest.

Planning for another boycott has been announced by the drivers who organized the first one.

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