Grieving Family Seeks Answers: Tragic Deaths of Savanah Soto, Matthew Guerra, and Unborn Son Spark Public Appeal and Police Investigation

In the heartbreak of a tragedy that has left a family shattered, Savanah Soto’s aunt, Valerie Mendoza, is pleading with the public for information that could shed light on the deaths of Savanah, her boyfriend Matthew Guerra, and their unborn son, Fabian.

The young couple, who were expecting the joy of a new life, were found dead in their vehicle in San Antonio, Texas, on December 26.

Valerie Mendoza’s plea is a desperate call for genuine information, urging those who have concrete details about the incident to come forward. She specifically addresses the detrimental impact of rumors and speculation circulating on social media, emphasizing the need to stop unfounded assumptions that could hinder the ongoing police investigation.

The family is grappling with the painful task of making funeral arrangements for Savanah and Fabian, an unimaginable burden during what should be a joyous holiday season. Pamela Allen, CEO of Eagle’s Flight, is providing support to the Soto family in organizing the burials for both Savanah and Fabian. The grief is compounded by the unexpected attention the case has garnered nationally, creating challenges for the family during an already difficult time.

The police, on the other hand, are actively seeking assistance from the public in identifying persons of interest captured in footage released on Instagram. The video, taken from a nearby location where the bodies were discovered, shows two individuals—one driving a dark-colored pickup truck, the other driving the victims’ silver Kia Optima.

Grieving Family Seeks Answers: Tragic Deaths of Savanah Soto, Matthew Guerra, and Unborn Son Spark Public Appeal and Police Investigation
Amid unimaginable grief, Savanah Soto’s family pleads for genuine leads, not unfounded rumors, as they grapple with the heart-wrenching task of arranging funerals for Savanah, Matthew Guerra, and their unborn son, Fabian. The unexpected attention compounds their sorrow, highlighting the need for respect and sensitivity during this challenging time.

The San Antonio Police Department is treating the case as capital murder and has appealed to the community for any information that could aid in solving the crime.

Savanah Soto and Matthew Guerra were reported missing on December 23, with their bodies discovered days later. Guerra was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the Kia Optima, while Soto’s official identification is pending, though the police express confidence in her identity.

The heartbreaking revelation that Soto’s pregnancy was full term adds an additional layer of tragedy to an already heinous crime. Scheduled for induced labor last weekend, Savanah’s dreams of welcoming a new life have been extinguished in the most unspeakable manner.

Chief William McManus of the San Antonio Police Department expressed the gravity of the situation at a press conference, calling it a “heinous act” and an “unspeakable tragedy.”

In response to the family’s grief, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to raise funds for Savanah’s funeral and that of her unborn child, Fabian. The outpouring of support has seen the campaign surpass $13,000, a testament to the community’s solidarity in the face of this devastating loss.

As the investigation unfolds, the family, the police, and the community at large are united in their quest for justice. The grieving relatives of Savanah Soto, Matthew Guerra, and baby Fabian implore the public to contribute responsibly to the ongoing investigation, ensuring that the memory of their loved ones is honored with truth and justice.

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