Florida’s Finest: The Top-Rated Doughnuts You Must Try “One Taste”

The world altered irrevocably the day someone discovered they could deep-fry a dough ring and coat it in sugar.

Fifteen years later, Food & Wine claims that Miami’s Wynwood district is home to one of the top donut shops in the nation, continuing the tradition that began on that day. For further information, continue reading.

If you haven’t had the Salty doughnut, you’re missing out on something amazing. It’s been called the best in all of Florida. Using only the best ingredients, small batches of freshly prepared donuts are the specialty of this artisanal donut shop and coffee bar.

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When The Salty first opened its doors in 2015, Wynwood residents soon began to love it. With eight sites in the southern United States now, including several branches in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and West Palm Beach, The Salty has been able to grow its operations.

One-of-a-kind, distinctive doughnuts that aren’t seen at other bakeries are offered on this menu. Some of the most popular is the guava cheese doughnuts, which are made of fluffy brioche dough filled with a delicious guava and cream cheese mixture and garnished with crumbled Maria biscuits and a cream cheese frosting.

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Fear not—The Salty offers 16 more specialty doughnut varieties, including more conventional options like glazed, chocolate Oreo, devil’s food cake, and confetti—if cream cheese isn’t your thing.

Get more information on the doughnut options offered by The Salty then tell us. You like the Doughnut!

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