Exploring the Most Affordable Neighborhoods for Teachers

Teachers deserve an amazing home in a great neighbourhood. These superheroes work hard to shape America’s future, but their salaries often can’t keep up with the high cost of buying a home. Our research team discovered that in 42 out of the 55 largest housing markets in the country, less than half of the homes available for sale are affordable for teachers.

However, we have knowledge of the location. During Teacher Appreciation Week, here are six affordable cities for teachers, along with the budget-friendly neighbourhoods that residents enjoy living in.

Cleveland, Ohio

Old Brooklyn

Cleveland is filled with both traditional and modern culture. You can explore Egyptian artefacts at the Cleveland Museum of Art or see David Bowie’s old outfits at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There are many entertainment options available. You can try cocktails on Duck Island or enjoy old-fashioned cuisine in the charming Little Italy. If you enjoy being outdoors, you might be interested to know that the 18 Cleveland Metroparks include Ohio’s largest zoo.

Good news! In Cleveland, 68% of home listings are affordable for teachers. The median listing price is $174,752. Old Brooklyn is considered one of the best and most affordable neighbourhoods in the city. According to a user on What Locals Say, a guide to residents’ opinions on their neighbourhoods, people in the community celebrate holidays such as Fourth of July and Halloween together. The neighbourhood has many locally owned restaurants, bars, and shops. “I never want to leave Old Brooklyn!” says a resident.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


This city, which is located in the Rust Belt region, has transformed itself in recent years into a hub for technology. It offers a less crowded environment compared to big cities, but still has plenty of enjoyable activities to offer. Visit the Andy Warhol Museum, which has seven floors and celebrates the famous artist who was born in the city. Another option is the Strip District, which offers a variety of shopping opportunities. When it comes to affordability, clothing is not subject to sales tax.

Good news! In Pittsburgh, 64.2% of listings are affordable for teachers. The median listing price is $179,900. Brookline is a neighbourhood in the city that is both affordable and attractive. One resident says it is conveniently located near everything. There are many shops and restaurants in the area, along with a Carnegie Library, all located on Brookline Boulevard. 76% of the people who live in the area say that restaurants are within walking distance from their homes. In addition, downtown Pittsburgh can be reached by car in just 15 to 30 minutes.

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Fresno, California


The Fresno area is located right in the middle of California’s agricultural centre. It is known for its natural beauty, including the 62 miles of tree-lined Blossom Trail nearby. However, the city also has many interesting cultural attractions such as the Woodward Shakespeare Festival and plenty of entertainment options in the Tower District. The area is a more affordable option in a state where prices are generally high. About 61.5% of the listings are affordable for teachers, and the median listing price is $290,000.

One of the best and affordable neighbourhoods in Fresno is Bullard. A local resident describes it as a “safe zone” where neighbours are friendly and positive, and look out for each other. Many people mention that there are restaurants within walking distance from their homes. These include the amazing brunch at Red Apple Cafe and the seafood at Pismo’s Coastal Grill. “We have been living here for 11 years and we plan to pay off our home and stay here for as long as we can,” says one resident.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Princess Anne

The Virginia Beach metro area is surprisingly affordable, even though it is a beachfront resort town. Out of all the listings here, 62.2% are affordable for teachers. The median listing price is $279,900. Have a great time at the beach’s well-known three-mile boardwalk. You can also try scuba diving or snorkelling, or simply enjoy the various festivals and events happening there.

The Princess Anne neighbourhood is located just a 20-minute drive away from the boardwalk. It is a beautiful and affordable area. There is a resident who has been living in the neighbourhood for over 20 years and they really like the community’s civic league, crime watch, and neighbourhood gatherings. Speaking of those gatherings, the locals really enjoy the annual Spring Fling event which includes pony rides, a chilli cook-off, and a talent show.

Detroit, Michigan


Detroit has experienced a significant comeback, with lots of new development happening downtown and a thriving food scene emerging. However, the greatest aspects of Detroit have existed for many years. The Detroit Institute of Art is well-known for its amazing collection, which includes a stunning central mural room by Diego Rivera. If you’re looking for outdoor activities, Belle Isle Park is a great place to go. It has a beautiful view of the city and in the summer, Eastern Market is a lively place with lots of things going on.

Detroit is still an affordable city to live in. The median listing price here is $189,900. This means that 60.1% of the listings are affordable for teachers. The Bagley neighbourhood is loved by locals, especially because it is located next to the beautiful historical campus of the University of Detroit-Mercy. 73% of people who live here say that they can easily walk to restaurants, including the popular Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles. “I feel very safe, and my neighbours and I always watch out for each other,” says one resident. “It’s all love!”

Buffalo, New York

Riverside Park

Buffalo is located just a half-hour drive from Niagara Falls, but it also has its own share of natural beauty. The Buffalo River offers many options for activities by the water, such as renting kayaks, dining, and attending outdoor festivals. There are many beautiful architectural buildings to see, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House Complex. However, even on a teacher’s salary, it is possible to afford a small piece of Buffalo architecture, with a median listing price of $164,900.

The Riverside Park neighbourhood in Buffalo provides access to the waterfront and has some of the most affordable prices in the area. More than 70% of the respondents in the What Locals Say survey reported that children play outside and that their neighbours’ yards are well maintained. Food lovers will also find a lot to enjoy, with a variety of multicultural cuisines available, such as Thai, Puerto Rican, and East African. “We came here with the plan to stay for a few years and then move,” says one resident. “Even after nearly 30 years, we still consider it our home.”

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