Exploring Some Most Affordable Neighborhoods in the US for 2024

It’s easy to find a home that you would love to live in. Are you looking for one that is affordable as well? The real challenge is that. Our research shows that although some cities are becoming more favourable for buyers, many metropolitan areas are still too expensive for the average home buyer.

However, not all cities with the name “metro” are actually metropolitan areas. We carefully examined the top five affordable metro areas and compared the median home prices in those places to the median income of the area. What did we discover? First, we identified zip codes where all homes were affordable based on local salaries. After that, we found some wonderful neighbourhoods in those zip codes that have charming homes and friendly neighbours. These neighbourhoods are some of the most affordable in the country, ranging from a peaceful rural area in the suburbs to a calm section of mid-century homes in the heart of an urban neighbourhood.



  • Affordable zip code: 43227
  • Median income in zip: $64,480
  • Median home value in zip: $79,779

When a local says a neighbourhood is a “secret little spot,” it means that it’s a hidden gem. You can expect to be pleasantly surprised and find affordable homes that other people may have missed. Beechwood is exactly that type of location. The neighbourhood is filled with attractive mid-century homes and large lawns, and it’s only a 15-minute drive from Downtown Columbus. According to local residents, most people living in the neighbourhood are retired. However, 70% of respondents in our database of insights from real residents, called What Locals Say, say that they see children playing outside. That creates a pleasant mix of peace and charm in a residential area.

The residential streets of Beechwood provide a peaceful and quiet environment, despite the busy shopping strip to the east on South Hamilton Road. However, your commute is not too long. Beechwood is conveniently located near downtown and is less than a 15-minute drive from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport. This makes it easy for residents to travel for vacations or business trips.

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  • Affordable zip code: 16045
  • Median income in zip: $59,000
  • Median home value in zip: $88,450

Homeacre-Lyndora is located in Butler, Pennsylvania and offers a comfortable and convenient living environment for families. The 16045 zip code includes only Lyndora, which is located at the southern end of Homeacre-Lyndora. However, the community operates as one neighbourhood. All homes in this zip code are affordable for the local median income. Except for a few expensive options, the entire area is generally affordable.

Shopping and restaurants are conveniently located on one long stretch of New Castle Road, making it easy to run errands on Saturdays. Are you looking for ways to keep the kids entertained? Take a turn from that road to reach the exceptionally pleasant Alameda Park Pool, which is very large and has a water playground. Alternatively, you can visit the Family Bowlaway Fun Centre. While these features may suggest a suburban lifestyle, you won’t find generic housing developments in this area. The locals appreciate the peaceful country atmosphere, and the homes in the area have a charming and unique character.

St. Louis

Southeast side of Florissant

  • Affordable zip code: 63033
  • Median income in zip: $60,900
  • Median home value in zip: $112,142

If you enjoy playing golf and want to be near the city, Florissant could be a good choice for you. The neighbourhood is located less than a 30-minute drive from downtown St. Louis. It offers a variety of food and shopping options. Additionally, there are two large golf courses in the area: Florissant City Golf Course and Eagle Springs Golf Course.

The zip code 63033 in Florissant has the most affordable homes and also includes a small part of the town of Black Jack. You will be situated in the middle of the two golf courses. In addition, this area also has larger houses, allowing you to get more value for your money. “I have been living here for two years now and I really enjoy it,” says a resident of Black Jack. “The people are nice and always help each other.”



  • Affordable zip code: 46224
  • Median income in zip: $60,000
  • Median home value in zip: $91,751

Just by its name, you might assume that Speedway is a city known for its fast pace. Actually, that idea is both true and false. Indianapolis Motor Speedway is located in a traditional town that happens to have the largest sports venue in the world. Yes, that’s correct! The racetrack can hold over 250,000 people. To put it in perspective, the entire population of a small town called Speedway would only fill about 5% of the racetrack.

People who live in Speedway say it feels like a small town even though it’s part of a bigger city. While having a car is necessary, you can also enjoy walking on the wide pavements. The walk is enjoyable because the homes have a charming and well-maintained appearance. Local residents suggest visiting the recently renovated N. Main Street, which is home to a variety of one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars. One popular spot is Barbecue and Bourbon, known for its delicious food and drinks.

Kansas City

Northeast side of Kansas City

  • Affordable zip code: 64117
  • Median income in zip: $62,600
  • Median home value in zip: $103,476

In this area of Kansas City, there are both highways and shopping centres for convenience, but there are also many parks to balance out the urban environment. This area is located just northeast of the Central Business District. This neighbourhood has a variety of outdoor spaces, such as Hidden Valley Park and the Buckeye Greenway, where you can enjoy nature. There are also sports fields and recreational options available.

In many of the backyards of the homes here, you will often find a woodsy atmosphere. These homes vary from cute cottages to recently renovated ranches. When you wake up in the morning and hear the pleasant sounds of birds chirping, you might forget that the city is very close to where you live.

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